Sunday Summary | 6th – 13th Aug

Read this week Nothing! I've been the worst reader this week. I'm enjoying my book but I can't ever be bothered to read, I'm just so tired! Currently reading Books bought or received this week I received these three books this week! I'm really looking forward to All Things Bright and Strange, a book I got … Continue reading Sunday Summary | 6th – 13th Aug

Sunday Summary | 30th – 6th August

Read this week Agh, only one other book this week, and it was a crap one! I really didn't enjoy The House by Simon Lelic. Predictable and not worth the time it takes to read. Currently reading Only reading this one for the time being! I'm enjoying it so far but I've not really go far through … Continue reading Sunday Summary | 30th – 6th August

Sunday Summary | 23rd – 30th July

Read this week I only managed to finish one book this week. I read The Dark Net by Benjamin Percy, which I really liked! My review will be up soon. Currently reading I'm about to start both these books. Both arc's - one physical, one digital. Can we just take a moment to admire the cover of The … Continue reading Sunday Summary | 23rd – 30th July

Sunday Summary | 16th – 23rd July

Read this week I managed to finish 2 books this week! A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena was a let down. I was expecting big things after hearing do much hype for her last book. Review up soon. Friend Request by Laura Marshall was a buddy read, and again, a let down. Find my review … Continue reading Sunday Summary | 16th – 23rd July

Sunday Summary | 9th – 16th July

Read this week This week I managed to finish 2 books! I finished the highly anticipated and super disturbing Gather the Daughters by Jennie Melamed. My review will be on on publication day! I also managed to finish the longest book I've read in a while, I Am Missing by Tim Weaver, which as over 500 pages! Review for … Continue reading Sunday Summary | 9th – 16th July

Sunday Summary | 2nd – 9th July

Yes, another Sunday Summary on a Monday! I know... I'm a mess! Read this week This week I managed to read two books! Firstly, I finished The Student by Iain Ryan, which was a gritty Australian crime novel. Not at all what I was expecting! Secondly, I finished To Die in Spring by Ralf Rothmann, which was a harrowing … Continue reading Sunday Summary | 2nd – 9th July

Sunday Summary | 25th – 2nd July

  Read this week I finished two books this week! Firstly, Three Days and a Life by Pierre Lemaitre, which I also reviewed today! Secondly, a non-fic, The Adversary by Emmanuel Carrere, which I loved!! Currently reading I'm attempting to juggle 3 books... I'm loving To Die in Spring by Ralf Rothmann at the moment, I can just feel it's going to … Continue reading Sunday Summary | 25th – 2nd July