Review: LoveMurder by Saul Black @orionbooks

⭐⭐⭐⭐✨ Synopsis: Troubled San Francisco homicide detective Valerie Hart is planning a rare weekend away from the job when she gets the call. A body has been found. A woman, brutally murdered. And the cryptic note left by the body is addressed to Valerie. The victim is unknown to her, but as Valerie analyses the … Continue reading Review: LoveMurder by Saul Black @orionbooks

#25inFive wrap-up

Guys, I did it! I completed my first ever 25 in Five challenge with a healthy time of 25hrs,  7minutes and 2 seconds! I started this challenge thinking it would be a breeze, but it isn't called a challenge for no reason! As much as I love reading, reading, on average, 5 hours a day is … Continue reading #25inFive wrap-up

Netgalley Picks of the Week | 13th August

Hello everyone! Here is my latest Netgalley picks blog post. Not the longest list this week but some fab sounding books on offer! Especially the new true crime... Keep reading to find Netgalley's best uploads over the past (few) weeks - a few new interesting books to add to your TBR's this week! {CLICK ON … Continue reading Netgalley Picks of the Week | 13th August

My Favourite Reviews of the Week | 11th August

Hello again bookish friends! I'm here again with my favourite reviews of the week, actually posted on the correct day this time! I'm taking part in the #25infive challenge this weekend, so don't expect to see me in many notifications for the next few days, I'm trying to stay focused! I hope you guys enjoy … Continue reading My Favourite Reviews of the Week | 11th August

Friday Finds | 10th August

Just a short little post today for the two books I've added to my TBR in the past couple of weeks. Keep reading to find some new books! Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado Synopsis: In Her Body and Other Parties, Carmen Maria Machado blithely demolishes the arbitrary borders between psychological realism and … Continue reading Friday Finds | 10th August

The BookBum Club: July Theme Reviews

Hello everyone! I’m here today to bring you all the reviews for The BookBum Club’s July theme. The theme was THAT IS SO LAST YEAR so let's see what everyone thought of their 2017 books! As before, everyone's reviews with small snippets are below. They are all linked to the actual review, so please follow … Continue reading The BookBum Club: July Theme Reviews

Review: In Bloom by C. J. Skuse @CJSkuse @HQStories

Pssst! The below review has spoilers for Sweetpea! Even the In Bloom synopsis spoils Sweetpea, so continue with care! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Synopsis: Rhiannon Lewis has successfully fooled the world and framed her cheating fiancé Craig for the depraved and bloody killing spree she committed. She should be ecstatic that she’s free. Except for one small problem. … Continue reading Review: In Bloom by C. J. Skuse @CJSkuse @HQStories