Friday Finds | 24th August

I've recently added 4 new books to my TBR that I'm really excited about. Two are nonfiction/true crime and the others are mysteries (duh). Keep reading to find some new books! Bad Blood by E. O. Chirovici Synopsis: You can't trust your own memories. You can't trust other people's. So how do you know what really … Continue reading Friday Finds | 24th August

Friday Finds | 10th August

Just a short little post today for the two books I've added to my TBR in the past couple of weeks. Keep reading to find some new books! Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado Synopsis: In Her Body and Other Parties, Carmen Maria Machado blithely demolishes the arbitrary borders between psychological realism and … Continue reading Friday Finds | 10th August

Friday Finds | 20th July

It's been almsot a month since I've done this post, but I've been pretty good and only added 5 new books to my ever-gorwing TBR! I think that deserves a pat on the back. Keep reading to find some new books! Dark Hours by Mike Thorn Synopsis: In the bleak landscape of Darkest Hours, people … Continue reading Friday Finds | 20th July

Friday Finds | 22nd June

Look at me, doing another one of these posts not long after my last! This time around I’ve added 7 books. The Shirley Jackson Awards nominations were announced not long ago and I’ve added a couple of new books to my TBR from that list, plus a couple new find from Netgalley! Keep reading to … Continue reading Friday Finds | 22nd June

Friday Finds | 8th June

I've only gone and left it a few weeks since doing this post again! Luckily I've controlled my trigger finger a little bit and not added like 14 new books this time around (I've only added 10)! Most of these were found through Netgalley or other bloggers, but I'll explain that in the descriptions below! … Continue reading Friday Finds | 8th June

TBR Declutter! – Down the TBR Hole #37

Ahh, who doesn't love a good declutter? Apparently me, because I haven't done this post in ages... but I'm back now! Credit, as always, goes to the wonderful Lia @ Lost in a Story for this decluttering idea! I’m far, far into my TBR now… find out how many books I’ve removed, so far, below! The aim … Continue reading TBR Declutter! – Down the TBR Hole #37

Update: My TBR pile

Hello bookish friends! A while back, I created myself my first ever TBR pile where I would actually follow the books on it as my reading schedule. This is going to be a quick update on the old pile of books and the new books I've put on the list.   The old list... So … Continue reading Update: My TBR pile