Books I’ve rated 1 or 2 stars

This post goes out to all the books I've rated 1 or 2 stars over the year or so that I've been reading and reviewing. I hate giving a book a low rating because someone has put in so much effort to create a piece of art, but I never lie in my reviews so sometimes a … Continue reading Books I’ve rated 1 or 2 stars

Top Ten Tuesday: books I wish had more excitement in them

This week, we got to choose what we wanted books to have more or less of. I have chosen excitement. What I mean by this, is, books that were advertised as being exciting, thrilling, shocking etc, but weren’t! This, I guess, is kind of like a “disappointment” list, but I don’t read books with things … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: books I wish had more excitement in them

Unpopular opinion tag!

So I found this unpopular opinion tag which I was really interested in doing but it seems to focus mainly on Young Adult fiction, which is something I do not read. So I've tried to make this as relevant to me as possible. I wasn't tagged to do this, I just really wanted to! However, I'm going … Continue reading Unpopular opinion tag!

The Secret by Katerina Diamond

Spoilers ahead ladies and gentlemen. Send help. Diamond’s last book, The Teacher, was fun and page turning, with interesting characters and an exciting plot. This, on the other hand, was not. I guess the plot was kind of thrilling, bent cops, kidnapping etc but everything just felt a little off the wall. Nothing felt real enough for me … Continue reading The Secret by Katerina Diamond