January 2018 wrap-up

Books I've read this month I read 4 books this month! One a week! 3 stars Shame on You by Amy Heydenrych The Chalk Man by C. J. Tudor 4 stars Let's Go Play at the Adams' by Mendal Johnson NOS4A2 by Joe Hill ~ Favourite book of the month There was no umming and arring … Continue reading January 2018 wrap-up

December 2017 wrap-up

Books I've read this month I read 5 books this month! A couple of them disappointed me, but overall it was still a pretty good month. 2 stars The Mountain by Luca D'Andrea 3 stars The Travelling Bag and Other Ghostly Stories by Susan Hill 4 stars Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk White Bodies by Jane Robins Dead Mountain … Continue reading December 2017 wrap-up

November 2017 wrap-up

Books I've read this month I've had a really shitty reading month! I've not felt motivated to pick up a book for most of it, so I've read very little! (I was naughty and read my December BookBum Club book this month too...) 3 stars In a Cottage In a Wood by Cass Green Mary Rose … Continue reading November 2017 wrap-up

October 2017 wrap-up

Books I've read this month I've read another 6 books this month! Seems like 6 is my average number at the moment but I'm fine with that... I've come to terms with it. 2 stars Heather the Totality by Matthew Weiner The Dying Game by Asa Avdic 3 stars The Innocent Wife by Amy Lloyd … Continue reading October 2017 wrap-up

Sunday Summary | 14th to 21st May (on a Monday!)

Read this week This week I read two novels and one short story. The Long Drop by Denise Mina was a menacing crime thriller read, which I really enjoyed! My review is here. Blood Moon by John David Bethel was a thrilling and violent thriller novel, my review is coming this week. A Burden Shared by … Continue reading Sunday Summary | 14th to 21st May (on a Monday!)

Sunday Summary | 7th – 14th May

Read this week I got through 3 books this week. 2 full length novels, 1 a short story from Tor.com. The Wolfe Experiment was an emotional sci-fi adventure, my review is here. Last Breath is the latest book from the Erika Foster series, my review will be up tomorrow. The Loud Table was my choice for Tor.com Thursdays … Continue reading Sunday Summary | 7th – 14th May

Sunday Summary | 30th – 7th

Read this week I've been in a bit of a reading slump this week, I've had no urge to read anything at all, and that's probably partly due to the fact I've been sick with tonsillitis for most of the week... I did manage to finish The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda, though. My review went up … Continue reading Sunday Summary | 30th – 7th