Films I wish were books

  Ages ago I read a fantastic post by Nicole at What a Different a Word Makes where she talked about movies she wished were books, and I thought that was a great idea! So, I've nicked it and made my own version! Obviously, being the reader that I am, I've chosen a mix of horror … Continue reading Films I wish were books

(Non-bookish) Movie Review: A Quiet Place

I went and saw A Quiet Place last Wednesday with my dad, and wow, what an intense ride it was! I don't write many movie reviews because 1) I usually watch older films and I don't think people would care about my thoughts on those as much and 2) I rarely feel so passionate about … Continue reading (Non-bookish) Movie Review: A Quiet Place

(Non-bookish) Some of my favourite movies, part 1

Doing something a little bit different today. Book aren't the only things I'm passionate about, I also really, really love movies. Over my 20 years of being alive, I've watched a whole damn lot of films. You'll probably notice that a lot of these movies aren't particularly modern, and that's because my mum is a … Continue reading (Non-bookish) Some of my favourite movies, part 1

(Non-bookish) Get Out, directed by Jordan Peele, movie review

After months of wanting to see Get Out, I finally went to the cinema and watched it this weekend. I was very worried that the hype this movie was receiving was going to make this a complete let down but oh boy was I wrong. This lived up to my expectations perfectly, it was maybe even … Continue reading (Non-bookish) Get Out, directed by Jordan Peele, movie review