Books that underwhelmed me

Recently I had a conversation with a colleague about films that seriously underwhelmed us and it gave me the inspiration to write this post! Not every book is going to be perfect, but sometimes you’re just really hoping one, in particular, will work for you, and then it doesn’t. This is a post all about … Continue reading Books that underwhelmed me

Friday Finds | 21st to 28th July

I've not been very active on Goodreads this week but I have still added a few of books to my TBR. Synopsis: When a battered suitcase containing the dismembered body of a young man washes up on the shore of the river Thames, Detective Erika Foster is shocked. She’s worked on some terrifying cases but never seen anything … Continue reading Friday Finds | 21st to 28th July

Review: Last Breath (Detective Erika Foster #4) by Robert Bryndza

Synopsis: He’s your perfect date. You’re his next victim. When the tortured body of a young woman is found in a dumpster, her eyes swollen shut and her clothes soaked with blood, Detective Erika Foster is one of the first at the crime scene. The trouble is, this time, it’s not her case. While she … Continue reading Review: Last Breath (Detective Erika Foster #4) by Robert Bryndza

Friday Finds | 17th – 24th Feb

Found a few books I'm really excited about this week because they're part of series that I'm enjoying! The Search by Howard Linskey Synopsis: Little Susan Verity went missing during the heatwave of 1976. An unprecedented amount of police resource went into finding her, but to no avail. Until now. Convicted serial killer Adrian Wicklow was always … Continue reading Friday Finds | 17th – 24th Feb

The Chainsmokers Book tag

I don't like The Chainsmokers music, personally, but I love tag posts! Thanks to icebreaker694 for posting this and kind of, but kind of not, tagging me (& everyone)!   Roses / a book series that you didn’t/don't want to end I am really loving the Erika Foster detective series by Robert Bryndza right now. It's … Continue reading The Chainsmokers Book tag

The Night Stalker by Robert Bryndza

”The black-clad figure ran lightly, streaking through the darkness, feet barely making a sound on the narrow dirt path, ducking and twisting gracefully to avoid contact with the dense surrounding trees and bushes. It was as if the shadow were sweeping silently over the leaves."  Well, well, well, another excellent book from the Erika Foster … Continue reading The Night Stalker by Robert Bryndza

The Girl in the Ice by Robert Bryndza

”He gave her a picture he’d drawn, of Erika dressed in a white boiler suit getting into a UFO to go up into space with a group of Minions. It pretty much summed up how she felt.” I went into this completely blind. I’d seen the book floating around and when I discovered it for … Continue reading The Girl in the Ice by Robert Bryndza