The Sunshine Blogger Award, take 3, 4 and 5!

Hello everyone, I'm here today to complete some of my backlog awards / tags... this post includes 3x Sunshine Blogger Awards that I've been nominated for!! So yes, that means this post is going to be huuuge as each blogger asks 10 questions... that's a lot to talk about... Enjoy! A huge thank you to … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award, take 3, 4 and 5!

The Unique Blogger Award, take 2

Today I'm bringing you a very long Unique Blogger award post! I have been tagged in this award post by 4 different bloggers over the past months and I'm finally getting round to doing them (*cough cough sine June cough cough*)! Sorry it's taken so long, but here I am... I'm not ignoring you! Stephanie's … Continue reading The Unique Blogger Award, take 2

The Mystery Blogger, The Awesome Blogger and the Black Cat, Blue Sea Awards!

So, I've been tagged in a hell of a lot of award posts recently and looking through my 44 draft posts, I realised I should probably actually complete some of them! So, today we have The Mystery Blogger, the Awesome Blogger and the Black Cat, Blue Sea awards all in one post. Prepare yourselves for a long … Continue reading The Mystery Blogger, The Awesome Blogger and the Black Cat, Blue Sea Awards!

Amazing Blogger Award

Thanks so much to Olivia @Arrow and Dot for nominating me for this blogger award! I've never done this one before, so it's nice to have something new on the blog! Amazing Blogger Award Rules: • Thank the person who has nominated you • Share the rules • Share the award logo • Nominate at … Continue reading Amazing Blogger Award

Mystery Blogger Award: Take 4

Yes, it's my fourth time doing this blog post, that's crazy! I love doing these sort of tags, though, I get to answer different questions each time and that's fun. Thank you so much to LizScanlon @ Cover to Cover & Nicki @ The Secret Library for both your tags in this award, it's really … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award: Take 4

Liebster Award, take 2

Super huge thank you to Beth @ The Books are Everywhere for tagging me in the Liebster Award! I've already done this tag before, but as Beth said herself, the questions always change so it's a lot of fun being able to answer new stuff each time! The Rules Thank the person who nominated you. Answer … Continue reading Liebster Award, take 2

The Greek Gods Book Tag

SoOOOoooO I made another tag post! I have no idea where this creativity came from, but it appeared and it stayed and I've been mulling over it all weekend and finally, finally, I think I've created something fun and easy to do! Introducing the Greek Gods Book Tag! I'm kind of certain this theme of tag has been … Continue reading The Greek Gods Book Tag