True Crime Tuesday: Richard Speck

So not only do I credit Krystin as the person who introduced me to my favourite podcast, My Favorite Murder, but now I’m also taking inspiration from her True Crime Tuesday posts by posting some of my own favourite true crime stories. Just a little background, true crime has always been a massive interest of … Continue reading True Crime Tuesday: Richard Speck

Iconic movies I probably should have seen by now

I wanted to post something a little bit different today, so I thought I'd have a look at Empire's 100 Greatest Movies list and see which out of the top 50 I haven't seen yet... this could be interesting. I got this post idea form the lovely Orangutan Librarian! 30 might seem like a lot … Continue reading Iconic movies I probably should have seen by now

(Non-bookish) Unpopular opinions

Today I wanted to create a post of some of my own unpopular opinions! I’m a bit of a special snowflake and don’t seem to like popular things that others are mad over… please don’t unfollow me. Also, can we please note that I’ve become a witty special snowflake in this post – appreciate my … Continue reading (Non-bookish) Unpopular opinions

(Non-bookish) Movie Review: A Quiet Place

I went and saw A Quiet Place last Wednesday with my dad, and wow, what an intense ride it was! I don't write many movie reviews because 1) I usually watch older films and I don't think people would care about my thoughts on those as much and 2) I rarely feel so passionate about … Continue reading (Non-bookish) Movie Review: A Quiet Place

Up close and personal – 10 weird habits of mine

I've decided to do something a little different on my blog today and make a post about me, rather than books! In this post I'm going to be discussing some of the weird habits / quirks that I have. We all have them, and I love hearing about others so I thought I'd share mine. … Continue reading Up close and personal – 10 weird habits of mine

Excellent diverse films & TV shows

Today I wanted to bring you a post about diversity. I haven't done much about this on my blog, but it is something I feel strongly about. Film and TV shows are gradually becoming more diverse, but it's still a whitewashed, cis and straight mess in my opinion. Below, I've named 4 diverse films / … Continue reading Excellent diverse films & TV shows

(Non-bookish) Review: Look Fantastic Beauty Box, May 2017

I'm back here again with my latest beauty box! This beauty subscription box is the Look Fantastic beauty box. It's curated and sent out by the online beauty store Look Fantastic and is £15 a month with free shipping. If you're an international reader, this comes with free shipping to wherever you are in the … Continue reading (Non-bookish) Review: Look Fantastic Beauty Box, May 2017