My DNF books of 2018

As a lot of you probably know, I'm a serial DNFer and this year I gave up on 8 books - less than last year, but then again, I've also read less than last year. Where last year I was pretty tame with my reasons for putting a book down, this year I'm not going … Continue reading My DNF books of 2018

All I want for Christmas is… happier marriages in fiction

I'm so happy with how my previous All I Want for Christmas is... post turned out. It generated a great amount of discussion and I was glad to see I wasn't the only one who enjoys a darker reality in fiction with unhappy endings. Today I wanted to talk about something I want that's a … Continue reading All I want for Christmas is… happier marriages in fiction

Bookstagram recommends

Not too long ago I used the questions feature on Instagram to ask people for their favourite books. I received a ton of books over pretty much all the genres so I'm here today to pass on the recommendations... I apologise to your TBR's in advance! (I've used the Goodreads categories to put these into … Continue reading Bookstagram recommends

All I want for Christmas is… more fiction without happy endings

A while back I got the idea for a new December blog series so I'm starting it today! This new series is called "All I want for Christmas is" and then I'm going to talk about more topics or characters, or whatever, I want in books. Today I'm stating with something a lot of you … Continue reading All I want for Christmas is… more fiction without happy endings

November 2018 wrap-up

Books I've read this month So it was Nonfiction November this month but as you can see, I read a non-nonfiction! I did this because I went on holiday this month... more on that later! 😋 Books read: 3 Pages read: 872 Female authors: 0 Male authors: 3 ⭐⭐ Snow Blind by Ragnar Jonasson ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5 The Psychopath Test by Jon … Continue reading November 2018 wrap-up

The Liebster Award, take 5

A while back I was tagged by the lovely Destiny @ Howling Libraries to do the Liebster Award! I loved her questions and I feel like I haven't posted in a while so this seems like the best thing to do! What is the longest slump you’ve ever been in? I'm currently in my longest … Continue reading The Liebster Award, take 5

#NonfictionNovember: True Crime on my TBR

Since it's the month of non-fiction, I've decided in today's post I'm going to highlight a few true crime books that are hugely popular, and I definitely should have read by now, considering how much I love true crime! This isn't part of any schedule for Nonfiction November, I just wanted to do my own … Continue reading #NonfictionNovember: True Crime on my TBR