Top 100 books to read in a lifetime… my thoughts, part 6

Several weeks ago I started this 10 part blog series where I go through one of those predictable "top 100 books to read in your lifetime" and give my two-cents about the books on the list. I found this top 100 list on AbeBooks, and I chose it because I thought it was that little … Continue reading Top 100 books to read in a lifetime… my thoughts, part 6

Authors I am waiting on another book from

Beth at Divine World of Books post this post on her own blog, and I loved the idea of it so much, I've stolen it! Today I wanted to revisit some authors who I absolutely loved books from, and am now just impatiently waiting on new books from! There are so many authors I've read over … Continue reading Authors I am waiting on another book from

My favourite books of 2018 so far

OK, so I know we're a little further than halfway through the year now, but I think it's still OK for me to do this post, right? Plus, Krystin kind of tagged me in the official "Mid Year Freak Out Tag" so it's just like I'm doing a cheat version of that. My reading year … Continue reading My favourite books of 2018 so far

The BookBum Club: July Theme

It's a new month, so it's a new theme! I'm currently away on holiday, but the theme I've picked fits in with the books I've taken away with me - I confess, it's a fixed theme this month! It's an easy one though, so you should all hopefully be able to join in! ... Also, … Continue reading The BookBum Club: July Theme

Films I wish were books

  Ages ago I read a fantastic post by Nicole at What a Different a Word Makes where she talked about movies she wished were books, and I thought that was a great idea! So, I've nicked it and made my own version! Obviously, being the reader that I am, I've chosen a mix of horror … Continue reading Films I wish were books

Books I’ve taken on holiday with me

Hello from France! 🇫🇷  I’m away on holiday for two weeks, basking in the sun around the swimming pool, spending time with my family and hopefully getting a beautiful tan. Two weeks is a long ol’ time to be away from home (and my bookshelf) which means I’ve had to pack a mega amount of … Continue reading Books I’ve taken on holiday with me

June 2018 wrap-up

Books I've read this month I was hoping to finish 5 books this month, but alas, I only managed 4! I am currently reading a book that I was sure I'd get read by the end of this week, however, I've been mad over the World Cup this year that I've spent all my time … Continue reading June 2018 wrap-up