Book review: Mr. Cables by Ronald Malfi


For bestselling horror novelist Wilson Paventeau, the scariest novel of his career is one he didn’t write. It bears his name on the dust jacket and contains his bio near the end, but this enigmatic tome is not part of his oeuvre. And the most frightening thing about it may not be the tale between the covers, but the reason for its mysterious appearance in Paventeau’s life.


This was such a spooky little 80 page read. A one sitting, dread inducing experience! I wasn’t sure was to expect going into this one, I honestly just bought it for the title and knowing I like Ronald Malfi’s writing.

The first half of this one is honestly terrifying, it’s one of those books that doesn’t let you in on its secrets and it truly freaked me out whilst reading it in broad daylight.

The second half was less spooky as the mystery of the story begin to manically unravel. Although I found the conclusion a tad cliché, it was still a real page-turner and exciting to see how everything came to be. Whilst playing on some fun and very creepy horror tropes this one also has an interesting take on ethics, morality & accountability in its story.

Hard to say much more about this one as it’s such a short story but definitely a recommendation for Halloween season and a great little booster for your yearly goal. Malfi is an amazingly atmospheric writer and really knows how entertain his readers! 

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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