Book review: Naomi’s Room by Jonathan Aycliffe⁠


Charles and Laura are a young, happily married couple inhabiting the privileged world of Cambridge academia. Brimming with excitement, Charles sets off with his daughter Naomi on a Christmas Eve shopping trip to London. But, by the end of the day, all Charles and his wife have left are cups of tea and police sympathy. For Naomi, their beautiful, angelic only child, has disappeared. Days later her murdered body is discovered.

But is she dead?


This one started out a really great spooky read but due to a number of different factors this one ended up being very disappointing and more than a little bit annoying!⁠

I loved how this one was written as a diary with the narrator talking directly to us about this experiences and in the first few chapters of the book he alluded to possible ghosts that were in the room with him that he couldn’t risk looking around at due to what he might see, and this built up some really great tension. That unknown of what was haunting him set a good unsettling tone that I really enjoyed.⁠

However, about half way through the book it is revealed to us exactly who or what is haunting the house and suddenly all that ⁠tension was suddenly lost and the rest of the book therefore wasn’t spooky and unfortunately I completely lost interest at this point.⁠

I’m not one to shy away from a book with dark themes, but I felt like it was so unnecessary and over the top in this book! And without spoiling anything, it made absolutely no sense to me in relation to the context of the haunting.⁠

This one was published in the 90’s so there were a few things that were slightly outdated in this but nothing hugely offensive. Mainly just the view on ‘hysterical’ women and what I assume is the authors own personal vendetta against the Welsh?⁠

Overall, this isn’t a book I will think about again unless prompted. It had great potential but really lost it’s way for me.

Rating: ⭐⭐

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