Book review: This Thing Between Us by Gus Moreno


It was Vera’s idea to buy the Itza. The “world’s most advanced smart speaker!” didn’t interest Thiago, but Vera thought it would be a bit of fun for them amidst all the strange occurrences happening in the condo. It made things worse. The cold spots and scratching in the walls were weird enough, but peculiar packages started showing up at the house–who ordered industrial lye? Then there was the eerie music at odd hours, Thiago waking up to Itza projecting light shows in an empty room.

It was funny and strange right up until Vera was killed, and Thiago’s world became unbearable. Pundits and politicians all looking to turn his wife’s death into a symbol for their own agendas. A barrage of texts from her well-meaning friends about letting go and moving on. Waking to the sound of Itza talking softly to someone in the living room . . .

The only thing left to do was get far away from Chicago. Away from everything and everyone. A secluded cabin in Colorado seemed like the perfect place to hole up with his crushing grief. But soon Thiago realizes there is no escape–not from his guilt, not from his simmering rage, and not from the evil hunting him, feeding on his grief, determined to make its way into this world.


What a beautiful and mind-bending horror novella!

I wasn’t really sure what to expect of this one going in. The cover drew me in and I needed something short and fast-paced to pick me up out of an incoming reading slump. This Thing Between Us sure did deliver!

This story looks deeply into the grief of a loved one. In the acknowledgements, Moreno talks about loss in his own life that helped influence the writing of this book. It’s sad to know this book came out of real experiences but it’s plain to see in the pages. The grief flows across the pages in a very real, human form. I felt deeply for Thiago, by no means a perfect character but extremely believable in the ways he coped with his loss.

Highly recommend reading this one at night, in a dark room. I was genuinely scared reading this in the pitch black with just the light of my kindle for company. The book does fall into many horror tropes but they didn’t feel cheap or overdone. I thought at every moment where the horror ramped up, it never overdid it, leaving you just spooked enough before it became a bit silly or totally unbelievable.

I love a horror or a thriller that isn’t afraid to shock you, and this one did just that! Heart-breaking, violent and original. This book did so many great things.

If you enjoyed The Fisherman by John Langan (though I didn’t lol), or are into cosmic horror, you will likely enjoy this. It’s safe to say I will be watching out for more releases from Moreno in the future.

This one is being published 12th October 2021. Ad-gifted by MCD x FSG Originals & Netgalley.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Book Details:

Pages: 272
Edition Published:
Genre: Horror, Adult
Goodreads Av. Rating: 3.98

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