Book review: American Elsewhere by Robert Jackson Bennett


Some places are too good to be true.

Under a pink moon, there is a perfect little town not found on any map. In that town, there are quiet streets lined with pretty houses, houses that conceal the strangest things. After a couple years of hard traveling, ex-cop Mona Bright inherits her long-dead mother’s home in Wink, New Mexico. And the closer Mona gets to her mother’s past, the more she understands that the people of Wink are very, very different …

From one of our most talented and original new literary voices comes the next great American supernatural novel: a work that explores the dark dimensions of the hometowns and the neighbors we thought we knew.


I surprised myself by enjoying this one as much as I did. Sci-fi and fantasy intimidate me, big time, but mix them with horror and base the story on Earth and apparently, I’m okay with it!⁠

I’ve never read anything like this before, it was so exciting, weird, wonderful and fun! I loved how it mixed in-your-face-violence, subtle creepiness, beautiful moments of humanity, humour, mind-bending sci-fi elements and strong emotions into one insanely brilliant package.⁠

This is a 650-page novel, and it felt like a long novel, but that wasn’t a bad thing. There was so much story here that was worth each page, it was a delight all the way through. My only complaint would have to be a chapter that was entirely dedicated to the sci-fi aspect of this story, trying to explain how things got to be how they were. It lost me, completely. All the time-bending and parallel universes stuff? Yeah, it’s not for me. ⁠

I especially loved the main character, Mona. She felt very real as a person. On one hand, she was a badass, take no shit ex-cop, on the other hand, she was an emotionally damaged and tragic lonely woman.⁠ Other side characters we get to know were interesting too, some were completely despisable and others were annoyingly loveable.⁠

It’s hard to say much about this book because there is so much that goes into it yet I don’t want to spoil anything. One thing I will say, though, is that this one had a much more emotional ending than I would have initially guessed and it really took me by surprise… in a good way!⁠

If you’re into big books and looking for a fun sci-fi horror, I definitely recommend giving this one a try!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Book Details:

Pages: 352
Edition Published:
Genre: Nonfiction, Adventure, Memoir
Goodreads Av. Rating: 4.19

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