Book review: The Colour of Thunder by Suzanne Harrison


In one of the world’s most vibrant international cities, present day Hong Kong, the lives of six people become irreversibly intertwined. The past is catching up with those running from it, while the futures of others hangs dangerously in the balance. But who knows the most? And what will they do to keep it that way?


I was gifted this book by Legend Press in exchange for a review.

For me, this is a tricky book to review. While there were aspects of the book that I enjoyed, I’ve found that the majority of my feelings have led me to being disappointed by a book I thought had so much potential.⁠

I really did love the backdrop of Hong Kong, a place I’ve not often visited while reading, so I liked the change of scenery to the norm. It was interesting to feel the bustle of the city as well as the quieter areas of the region also.⁠

I think it was the synopsis of this that led me to believe it was going to be slightly different to what I got. I found the pace of this mystery extremely slow, and with the number of characters involved, a lot of the story felt bogged down and made for confusing reading a lot of the time. Not to mention the ‘storm of the century’ plot line happens only within the last 80 pages or so, so it felt like a long time coming before we really reached the real story.⁠

The mystery in this book was deeply intertwined between a whole host of characters, and when the reveal finally emerged, it took a long time to unravel everyone’s place in the story. I thought the concept of the plot was great but it could have been told in an easier way.⁠

Ultimately, this book did have some positive aspects to it, including the scenery and the mystery plot, but I personally found the whole thing too awash with characters for anything to perfectly fit into place. I know other readers on the tour enjoyed this more than I, so it is always worth reading those reviews to get a full picture!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Book Details:

Pages: 288
Edition Published:
Genre: Thriller
Goodreads Av. Rating: 3.33

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