Book review: The Push by Ashley Audrain


‘The women in this family, we’re different . . .’

Blythe Connor doesn’t want history to repeat itself.

Violet is her first child and she will give her daughter all the love she deserves. All the love that her own mother withheld.

But firstborns are never easy. And Violet is demanding and fretful. She never smiles. Soon Blythe believes she can do no right – that something’s very wrong. Either with her daughter, or herself.

Her husband, Fox, says she’s imagining it. But Violet’s different with him. And he can’t understand what Blythe suffered as a child. No one can.

Blythe wants to be a good mother. But what if that’s not enough for Violet? Or her marriage? What if she can’t see the darkness coming?

Mother and daughter. Angel or monster?
We don’t get to choose our inheritance – or who we are…


Happy publication day to this incredible book! I was blown away by this debut thriller and I’ve been recommending it since I turned the last page.

I had little idea of what to expect when I went into this, but I sure was surprised to find such an emotional, poignant, taut, and tense story within.

This book has a heavy focus on motherhood, something I wouldn’t normally be drawn to, as I’m not a parent, but that didn’t feel like a necessary component to be able to relate to this story. I felt deeply emotionally attached to this story and the main character Blythe, despite having very little to relate to, maybe other than my gender. I think people who read, this who are parents, will have an even deeper understanding and connection to this book.

On one hand, this was an unnerving thriller about a mother-daughter relationship, filled with unease and doubts, and on the other hand, this was a beautiful and honest commentary on the role and expectation of women in the home and as caregivers.

For anyone who was disappointed by Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage, this is the perfect remedy for everything we wanted that book to be. While it’s about so many things at once, there is the uncomfortable relationship between Blythe and her daughter at its heart. Is her child really so bad, or is she creating scenarios in her head because she feels unfit to be a mother? Well, you’ll need to read it to find out!

I can’t believe this is a debut, the writing style is elegant and the story is told so beautifully. I can’t wait to see more from Audrain already!

I could go on for ages about this brilliant piece of fiction. For me, this one was emotionally destructive, whilst also being, in parts, very unsettling. To me, this book was a strong and raw look into womanhood and the pressures there are on women to be a certain way in so many aspects of our lives. #zukyreviews

(I received this book, in exchange for an honest review, from Netgalley & Penguin Michael Joseph. Thank you!)

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Book Details:

Pages: 320
Edition Published:
Genre: Thriller, Fiction
Goodreads Av. Rating: 4.31

3 Replies to “Book review: The Push by Ashley Audrain”

  1. “For anyone who was disappointed by Baby Teeth” is so spot on. I read The Push first and was saddened by Baby Teeth — knowing how much more the story could have been taken. This book is far superior.

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