Book review: Soon by Lois Murphy⁠


On winter solstice, the birds disappeared, and the mist arrived.

The inhabitants of Nebulah quickly learn not to venture out after dark. But it is hard to stay indoors: cabin fever sets in, and the mist can be beguiling, too.

Eventually only six remain. Like the rest of the townspeople, Pete has nowhere else to go. After he rescues a stranded psychic from a terrible fate, he’s given a warning: he will be dead by solstice unless he leaves town – soon.


Despite being misled by the cover and synopsis into thinking this one was going to be a snowy horror, I still ended up loving this Australian based literary horror novel.⁠

This novel is set in a small Aus town in the middle of nowhere, with only 5 remaining residents, that is plagued by murderous mist… sounds stupid when you say it out loud but it’s actually a very well written and disturbing story.⁠

The isolation element of the story is something I love in books, its the perfect scenario for bad things to happen and gives the whole book that ‘on edge’ feeling that you want from a horror novel, and it was done really well in this instance!⁠

This definitely felt more like a literary-horror fiction novel than it did just pure horror. It was very character focused throughout. It takes you through the life and emotions of our main character, Pete, in a really real and raw way. So many of the thoughts and feelings Pete went through were totally relatable, from fear, loneliness, and family estrangement to true happiness, friendship, and love. All were detailed so well and, as a reader, I could easily put myself in the characters shoes.⁠

I am deducting one star based purely on the fact that there we several incidences in which Pete’s narrative held some outdated opinions and views that I think could have been left of out the novel without affecting the story. For example, likening having depression to being an ‘invalid’, noting a woman didn’t have ‘usual female interests’, and pointedly staring at a man reading a magazine with the word ‘metrosexual’ on the cover. It was all unnecessary and uncomfortable to read.⁠

Overall, I really enjoyed this novel. It was a slow starter for me, but once I got into it I was hooked! It certainly wasn’t full of scares, but the few scenes of horror that there were, were beautifully creepy!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Book Details:

Pages: 352
Edition Published:
2019, Titan Books
Genre: Horror, Fiction, Thriller
Goodreads Av. Rating: 3.77

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  1. Hi Zuky
    New to your blog. Just wandering around and enjoying myself. Copied your favorite 5Star list. Going to explore some of the titles I haven’t read. Actually read Rosemary’s Baby when I was pregnant. Not a good move. On my way to buy SOON. Thanks so much for the review!

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