3 mini reviews – Fight Club, The Water Cure & How To Argue With a Racist

The Water Cure by Sophie Mackintosh ⠀


This was more of a literary cult novel than a feminist dystopia (as it was marketed as), but that suited me just fine! The writing in this one is really beautiful, without it being too wishy-washy like some literary fiction can be. It was easy to understand and stepped you straight into the character’s world. Much more a character driven book than a plot driven book. So much yet so little happened but it was an enjoyable read!⠀

How To Argue With a Racist by Adam Rutherford


I really enjoyed this book that used science and genetics to dismantle old-school racist beliefs. Some of the things he tackled were as simple as myths such as ‘Black people are better sprinters due to slavery’ which he would then break down in step-by-step stages with science alongside him to back up all his points. Sometimes I did find this a little complex as there is a lot of genetic science terminology used, but overall it was an interesting read!⠀

Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk ⠀


I think like most people, I watched the movie of this first – it’s a good adaptation on the book! Despite this jumping straight into the action, I wasn’t hugely interested in this to begin with. However, as the story progresses I got more and more into it. Palahniuk definitely has a unique style of writing that you have to get used to, but overall I enjoyed this!

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