Monthly Wrap-Up: January 2020

Since coming back to my blog after my unannounced hiatus at the end of last year, I’ve decided to change up my monthly wrap-ups a little bit. I want it to be a looser format than it was before, with one section for books and another section for pretty much anything else.

Books I read in January

The Long Hard Road Out of Hell by Marilyn Manson with Neil Strauss

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mini-review: I’m a huge MM fan so I think I was always going to enjoy this book, however, I found Manson to be a little self-entitled in this. Read my full review here!



The Collector by John Fowles

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐✨

Mini-review: Had I read the reviews for this previous to going into it, I would have had a better expectation of what sort of reading experience it was and probably have enjoyed it more! Read my full review here!



Everything else I did in January

I’ve been very emotionally content in January, which has been amazing. It was my partners birthday in January so I pulled a sneaky and managed to combine his Christmas and birthday presents into one weekend away in London! Owen is big into Jimi Hendrix, and in Mayfair, you can actually go visit the flat he used to live in there. So for Christmas, I bought him tickets to this museum and also booked an Airbnb for the Saturday night so we could make a whole weekend of it. For his birthday gifts, I got a graphic designer friend to design me a crazy image of his favourite things to put on a jigsaw puzzle, as we’d started one while we were away at Christmas time and he had mentioned wanting to do another one. I also paid for a meal out in London on our weekend away.  On the Sunday of our weekend away we went out for breakfast and visited the National History Museum. All-in-all we had a super lovely time away together.

We also went to visit my cousin and her partner that live in Norwich. It was a really nice weekend as my other cousin and her partner came down too, so we all spent the weekend together. We try to organise these get-togethers as often as we can as we all live so far apart from each other. It was really nice that Owen was able to come along this time around as well.

That’s all for this month friends! Apologies this post has come about so late, I got totally sidetracked and lost track of time. So Happy Valentine’s Day too!

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