2019 Reading Stats, 2020 Reading Goals & Life and Blog Update

Hello blogging friends! It’s been so long since I came on here, I’ve almost forgotten how to use it. A LOT has happened in the last quarter of the year in my life which has caused both reading and blogging to take a back bench. However, It’s the new year and I’ve found a new lease of life all of a sudden, for both reading and blogging. I’ve included a small personal ramble a little further on down the post, but for now, here are my 2019 Reading Stats (not all that) and my 2020 Reading Goals (hopefully more successful)!

2019 Reading Stats

My goal for 2019 was to read 30 books – I didn’t achieve this goal despite being 6 books ahead at one point in the year. This is due to having only read 1 book in the last 4 months.

2019 books read

2019 books read 2

My favourite books I read this year were American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis (a reread) & Heaven’s Crooked Finger by Hank Early (newly discovered author to me)

My least favourite book was Cold Blood by Robert Brynzda

2020 Reading Goals

I haven’t set myself a specific reading goal this year because I get too bogged down with the numbers. Having not read 30 books this year really got me down, which is ridiculous. The fact that I’ve read 26 is a positive achievement no matter what my target was. My aim this year is to enjoy reading. In 2019, I read way to many average books so in 2020 I want to focus on reading books I’m actually interested in rather than picking up books just to try and reach my goal.

I know we all work in different ways though, so good luck to everyone who has set a goal this year! Here’s to a great year of reading for us all!

General Life & Blog Update

Like I said earlier, a lot of big stuff has happened in my life this year. I don’t want to dwell on stuff or make this too personal but to make a long story short, the sad: I split up with my long term boyfriend, the good: I’ve found someone new and I’m loving life again.

In terms of blog updates, nothing dramatic is going to change but I’m going to take a much more relaxed approach to blogging from here on out. I’ve stressed myself out too much with trying to make my blogs look pretty or forcing discussion posts.

I’m not a creative person and so creating pretty blog banners doesn’t come easily to me, I’m going to stop trying to force myself so make something when I only half love the end product. It takes up too much of my time and I get worried about how things look. I’m going to take a step back from all that and make simpler banners that are easy and stress free to make.

I’m also going to stop trying to force discussion posts when I don’t really feel like I have a lot to say. I love reading discussion posts and I know people enjoy them, which is why I’ve always tried to do them. I will continue to do them but only if they come naturally to me.

My reviews are also going to change slightly. They’re going to become shorter but have more of my personality in them. I love writing reviews but the pressure I put on myself to make them long, sound formal and intelligent really put me off writing them in the end, and that’s why I’ve got about 6 waiting to be written. Blogging was supposed to be fun for me but it turned into a bit of a chore. I want to make it fun again!

I’m also not going to worry about how much I’m posting. I used to try and post a lot but I need to realise that I don’t physically have the time for that anymore, and that’s okay!

That’s all for now friends, I’ll be back soon as I’ve already written a review for the last book I’ve read! Hope you’re all enjoying the start of 2020!

19 Replies to “2019 Reading Stats, 2020 Reading Goals & Life and Blog Update”

  1. It is good that you see that your hobby has become a chore and that you are taking time to fix it and do what is best for you! Best of Luck!

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  2. Hiii welcome back! You’ve got the right idea with your 2020 goals tbh. I think so many of us forget that this is a hobby and not a second job; the amount of pressure we put on ourselves to read and blog the ‘correct’ way is just dumb. Hope 2020 is great for you and that you are very happy with your new partner!


  3. Welcome back!!! I’m sorry to hear that 2019 became hard but I am so happy that you’re happier heading into the new year. I think your goals for 2020 are perfect. Blogging is a hobby for the majority of us and we need to remember that it’s supposed to be fun and not feel like work. Good luck with everything.

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  4. Hi 😀 Your goal to step back and relax in all areas sounds wise. Blogging and reading should be enjoyable, as you say, and the pressure we sometimes put on ourselves is not only not constructive but also takes away so much from things that can provide happiness and fun. Well done for recognising that and I hope putting it into practice goes well for you ☺️

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m already feeling much more relaxed about reading for the rest of the year and we’re only a few days in. I’ve already finished a book and I’ve moved onto another one, which is more than I did in the last 4 months of 2019, so it’s looking positive already 🙂

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