UK vs US book covers, take 3

3UK vs US book covers

Ages ago I posted a couple of these UK vs US book cover posts, and I had a flashback to them the other day. I always really enjoyed doing these posts, so I thought I would take a look at some of my TBR books to see how the covers for them differ across the pond!

I’ve picked my own favourite, but then I also did a poll on my Instagram story for each one, so there is an Instagram winner too!

(UK covers on the left, US on the right)


I do actually really love both of these covers. Even though I’m not a huge fan of the shade blue, I think these look really beautiful. I love the nature aspect of the UK cover but the texture of the branches of the tree makes my skin crawl a little bit – but maybe that’s the point? I think the US cover correlates with the title more! What I prefer: US

Instagram results: 72% (128) UK v 28% (50) US


I really love both the covers for this book and it’s been really difficult to pick which I prefer. I like the moodiness of the UK cover but I like how the US cover looks like an old school nature book illustration more. What I prefer: US

Instagram results: 49% (86) UK v 51% (88) US


These two covers are exceptionally similar, however so different at the same time! I really love the colours on the US cover as those cold tones are my favourites, however there is something about the UK cover that grabs my attention better. What I prefer: UK

Instagram results: 74% (134) UK v 26% (47) US


I do love simple book covers but I think the UK cover is the clear winner for? It’s seriously beautiful! What I prefer: UK

Instagram results: 64% (115) UK v 36% (64) US


Again these ones are quite similar but the UK cover has a bit more decoration to it and a lack of a swan head. I think the weirdly bent swan neck is kind of offputting to be honesy. What I prefer: UK

Instagram results: 78% (142) UK v 22% (41) US

The Instagram polls were very positive towards the UK covers, the only US winner won by just 2%. I was a little more on the fence with 2 votes for US covers and 3 for UK ones.

To be honest, all the cover featured in this post are lovely, some of the choices were tough! Which covers do you prefer?

21 Replies to “UK vs US book covers, take 3”

  1. I like the detail of the UK ‘The Glass Woman’, but I really dig the silhouette effect of the US. US for the win.
    UK over the US for ‘In the Night Wood’, but only marginally. I want to vote for the US version because I like the line drawing, but it just seems to be lacking something. Perhaps a border would help?
    UK over the US for ‘The Binding’. The US is too dark.
    UK over the US for ‘The Familiars’. I like the colours and the placement of the authors name. The patterns for the UK version convey movement and three-dimensionality. {That is a very well accepted and established term I just made up.} The font placement is unimaginative on the US, but is cleverly worked into the artwork on the UK cover.
    Don’t do that to a swan. UK over the US. I like the florals better and the authors name placement/sizing. I do not care for the authors name to overpower the book cover. Also, the promotional blurb is distastefully prominent in the US version.

    Thanks Zuky, that was fun! I am normally shy about sharing criticisms, but apparently, expressing an opinion on a book cover is something with which I am comfortable. Who knew?
    Happy Trails!
    ~Icky 🙂

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  2. I love seeing how different the covers are in different countries – I wonder if it is just down to individual designers or publishing houses or whether it is based on market research etc!
    I’m afraid that I prefer the U.K. cover for pretty much all of these, but I guess that I am the target audience as I live in the U.K.!

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      1. How fascinating! I wonder why they don’t just use the same cover? Still I know readers on both sides of the pond who order from the other side because they prefer the other country’s cover!

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  3. UK covers win every time for me on those above, a bit more care for designing a cover to catch your eye has been taken. Also it looks like the US publishers think the audience can’t handle too much detail in a cover. how odd.

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  4. I have never even been able to seriously consider reading Once Upon A River, and it’s ALL BECAUSE OF THAT SWAN’S NECK. The UK cover is much better on that one for sure.

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  5. All the pretty covers ❤ My choice is basically all the same with yours (and the polls). I think for the Binding, the copper (orange?) color is just more eye catching as it contrasts the dark background more 😀 Also, it gives the ~historical~ vibe for the book 😀

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