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Harvey Anderson is a twenty-six-year-old busker who enjoys his peaceful life, but everything is turned upside down when he is abducted and beaten by a group of nondescript thugs. Working for a sinister man known as “the spider”, these goons have spent nine years searching for Harvey’s girlfriend, Sally Starling. Now they think they know where she lives. There’s only one problem: Sally is gone and Harvey has no memory of her. Which makes no sense to him, until he discovers that Sally has the unique ability to selectively erase a person’s memories. An ability she has used to delete herself from Harvey’s mind. But emotion runs deeper than memory, and so he goes looking for a girl he loves but can’t remember… and encounters a danger beyond anything he could ever imagine.


Today is my stop on The Forgotten Girl blog tour hosted by Titan Books!

I was really excited to be offered this book by Titan as I’d read Halcyon late last year and loved it! Youers books are an excellent blend of horror and fantasy, which is a genre I’ve not read much of but am definitely a fan of!

I think this book is best going in to with little knowledge of the plot so I’m going to try and avoid saying too much. I really enjoyed the storyline in this book! It’s one of those plots that been done plenty of times before but reimagined in a completely new way.  This novel does have a reasonably strong romantic plotline in it, which is not always to my taste, but I didn’t mind it so much with this story.

I personally found Youers previous novel more creepy than this book, but both novels feature a prominent and terrifying character. In this, he’s known as The Spider and he’s something out of a horrible, horrible nightmare. I loved to hate his character!

Our main character in this book was a hippy, vegetarian street performer and I really liked him. He’s one of those characters who’s real enough to relate to. I loved how he wasn’t always the nicest of people, none of us are perfectly good people all the time, and it felt real that he had a strained but loving relationship with his dad.

This book is a real page-turner, such an easy story to lose yourself in! All helped by Youers’ easy yet enthralling writing style. Youers is probably my favourite newly discovered author and I can’t wait to read what else he comes up with, not to mention catch up on what I’ve missed already!

I definitely recommend this book for thriller readers who want something a little bit different from their normal dark mystery books. The hint of sci-fi fantasy in this makes it just that little bit extra special!

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Thanks to Titan Books for giving me the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest review.

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