Review: The Fog by James Herbert





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This is one of those books I really wanted to love more considering Herbert is kind of a UK horror icon, however, I only half loved it. Quite literally.

This book started off super quickly and super weirdly too. You’re immediately thrown into a bizarre world where The Fog is wreaking havoc on people’s brains and actions. I really enjoyed reading about all the weird things The Fog made people do, chapter 6 was quite the surprise! Herbert creates the perfect blend of over the top with gruesomeness that makes the strange happenings both hilarious and disturbing.

After discovering The Fog is behind a string of bizarre events, the book takes on a bit of a more scientific stance. This is where my interest began to wane. There was still the inclusion of the weird Fog induced horrors, but less often. We instead followed our main character – the ‘one man’ who can save the planet *rolls eyes* – on his journey to destroy The Fog. I don’t mind scientific books (The Boy on The Bridge is an example of one I loved) but I couldn’t connect with it in this book as much and it left me feeling a bit underwhelmed by the story.

We meet our MC Holman early on in the story and while I started the book feeling reasonably positive about him, I can’t say I finished the book particularly loving him. I didn’t find that there was anything to really like about him? Feeling only neutral about characters in a book often disconnects me from really caring about how the situation ends up, which is what happened with this story.

Another thing I found unenjoyable about this book was the rather intense sexual scenes that cropped up more than once. Listen, I ain’t no prude, but they didn’t add anything to the story. Also, can we all agree it’s just not acceptable to describe the female anatomy as a “moist cave” *s h u d d e r *

I will definitely read more of Herbert’s work as I thought the concept was great. I also enjoyed his easy writing style and thought the pacing of the book was well done. I already have The Rats on my shelves so we will wait until my TBR jar decides it’s time…

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12 Replies to “Review: The Fog by James Herbert”

      1. If I saw this in the middle of the night, I would jump right out of my skin! Ah, okay — I thought it sounded familiar. As much as this seems spooky, it sounds like something I would actually enjoy reading — other than certain select word choices …

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  1. Moist cave😂😂 That is sooo wrong but also hilarious.

    I’m pretty sure I read The Fog when it first came out (80s or 90s?) as I was a huge Herbert fan but don’t remember much about it. I have been tempted to reread his books (the Rats was a fave) but I fear they may not have aged well.

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  2. I wonder if stuff written in the comments gets picked up during google searches? anybody searching “Moist Cave” is sure to end up here. haha. Pretty sure James Herbert was still a virgin when he wrote this book.

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