Happy birthday to me! Facts & Q&A!


It’s my birthday today! I have been on this Earth for 22 years now, lucky Earth! Today I’m celebrating by taking the day off work and having a super chilled out day.

For this post I wanted to talk about me! (Obviously)! I guess I kind of just wanted to give 22 facts about me and my life today, just because…

  1.  I don’t want kids but I know if I ever have a boy, he will definitely be called Elijah.
  2.  You’ll never find me wearing a matching pair of socks!
  3.  Some of my favourite films include The Shining, Memento, The Bourne Identity, and Ratatouille.
  4.  I do my own gel nails, it’s saved me so much money and I don’t think my nails have been bare for 4 years now.
  5.  I have been with Matt for 5 years, we met at school and are now looking to buy our first house together!
  6.  I work for both a wedding dress company and a modest fashion company. I’m a digital marketer.
  7.  I share my birthday with actor Sam Rockwell, who is one of my favourites!
  8.  The number 8 is my favourite number and always has been! There’s no particular reason why though…
  9.  Recently, I have stopped eating meat, one: for the welfare of the animals and two: to do my bit for saving the environment!
  10.  I’ve been friends with my best pal Bethan for 10 years now, we met on the first induction day of secondary (high) school.
  11.  My top celebrity crush of the moment is Mads Mikkelsen. Who wouldn’t want an older Danish man?!
  12.  I love to travel! So far I’ve visited 11 different countries and by the end of this month, I will have visited 12!
  13.  My favourite book villain is Patrick Bateman! …Is that a surprise to anyone?
  14.  I’ve recently started listening to the podcast ‘My Favorite Murder’ which I’m loving! My personal favourite murder is that of serial killer Richard Ramirez who had 14 (known) victims.
  15.  I much prefer Pepsi over Coca Cola!
  16.  I’ve never read a Harry Potter book and I’ve only seen 3 or 4 of the films.
  17.  My favourite artist is Vincent van Gogh, cliche, I know…
  18.  I’m very shortsighted! Everything beyond 15cm is a blurry mess.
  19.  I love the Bookstagram community and spend a lot of my time on Instagram!
  20.  My favourite animal is a bear. More specifically black or brown bears, they’re just soooo adorable and cuddly looking!
  21.  I love animals and have had pets throughout my life. Mostly I’ve had cats (even though I’m allergic to them!), I’ve also had a hamster and dogs!
  22. I was born today, 22 years ago, in Walthamstow at 2 in the afternoon – I was a week early.

I also asked for some questions for a little Q&A session, I tried not to crossover too many of the facts above with the questions I got asked!

From Instagram:

@InterlacedBookmarks: Nail polish brand recommendations?

I only use gel polish now, I’d recommend BlueSky! Before when I used normal polish I liked Sally Hansen polishes, even though they’re a little more expensive!


@GarysBooksnThings: Where are you originally from?

I’m born and bred in the UK!


@EvavsTheWorld: How tall are you? Have you always been interested in reading thrillers/horrors or did you start with something else and then moved onto thrillers etc?

I’m roughly 5’3, maybe pushing 5’4.

I’ve always been into thrillers and horrors. My mum never shied away from showing my horror and violent movies like The Shining or Old Boy so I’ve always been into them. I did go through a phase of reading teenage romance books but grew out of that really quickly and still interspersed thrillers in-between.


Blogger questions:

Jenna @ Bookmark Your Thoughts: One thing I would love to know is about your aesthetics, like the makeup and stuff. Your makeup and nails are always STUNNING.

I’m also always curious about whether people are character, story, setting or language oriented readers.

The only other thing I can think of is maybe some of your hobbies outside of reading?

First of all, thank you!!! I really don’t do much with my makeup. I use a little bit of concealer on my acne scars and any spots I might have, then use a No7 foundation. I use a transparent setting powder, bronzer around my hairline, then blush (which is my favourite of all makeup products!). Apply my eyebrows, a small bit of mascara and I’m done! I do this on a daily basis and don’t really do much more when I’m going for a night out, maybe add some eyeshadow if I can be bothered. As for nails? I do them every couple of weeks and don’t really plan what colour I’m going to wear, I just pick whatever takes my fancy at the time. I don’t stick certain colours with certain seasons like some people do!

I love this question! I think I’m definitely a story orientated reader. While I do love the characters and they definitely have a big part to play in the grand scheme of things, I would never pick up a book based on the characters within. I have to be in love with the idea of the story to even be remotely interested in picking up the book.

I don’t have many hobbies outside of reading! I do love taking pictures for my Bookstagram account and I love my dogs, but I don’t have any other things that I do as much as I read!


Norrie @ Reading Under the Blankie: I’m gonna have to ask: what do you do with your hair? It looks super majestic in all your pictures ❤

What is your favourite cake?

Again, thank you soooo much! I also don’t really do much with my hair. I mainly leave it to do it’s own thing as it’s got a soft wave naturally. Sometimes I straighten or curl it but very rarely! I use this horse shampoo called Mane’n’Tail which makes my hair super soft and shiny!

I’m such a boring white girl, I love all the plainest flavours, so my favourite kind of cake is just simple Victoria Sponge with jam and cream in the middle. Yum!


Nicki @ The Secret Library Book BlogBonfire night, do you celebrate with fireworks?

I sometimes do, only if my birthday falls on a weekend!


nsfordwriter: What makes you laugh?

I’m quite a laughy person, I find humour in a lot of things! Matt & my mum make me laugh the most out of anyone. I also watch comedy and satirical YouTubers that make me laugh. My dogs make me laugh on a daily basis, they’re just so dumb and cute!


Kristina Steiner: What will you be nostalgic for in 40 years?

This is a tricky question because I’ve never really thought about it before! I guess I’ll be nostalgic for the family that are no longer around and for sitting in my bed with my two lovely poochies snuggled up by my feet.


Diana @ A Haven for Book Lovers: I like knowing about other people’s travels so my question is, which is the most beautiful, memorable place that you have ever visited and which place tops your current travel bucket list.

I love travelling so this is a fab question for me! My favourite place I’ve visited is definitely Berlin. I just loved the atmosphere there and how the city’s kind of grubby but so beautiful all at the same time. There’s also so much history there – every corner you turn there’s something new to learn.

I really want to visit Canada, it’s one of those holidays that I need to do some major saving up for because it’s one of those places I want to do pretty much everything in one go!


Paperback Piano: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? And what is a book that has changed your life?

5 years from now I definitely aim to be living in my own house with Matt. I’ll have a better paying job, maybe even managing a small team! I also might look into doing an open university course, but that all depends on Monday!

A book that changed my life was The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North. It’s not a groundbreaking read that tackles social or political topics but it opened my mind to the joy of reading! Now reading is such a big and important part of my life so it’s kind of the book that set me on this path!

That’s all for today’s post! I hope everyone has a lovely day ❤

41 Replies to “Happy birthday to me! Facts & Q&A!”

  1. Happy Birthday!
    What an awesome post! Thanks for the shampoo recommendation 😀 I shall check it out.
    Victoria sponge cake is yumm!!

    Hope you manage to visit Canada. It’s on my list too ❤

    My mum was always worried about me reading / watching horror. Haha :/ Didn't stop me tho.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy birthday gorgeous! What a great idea for a post (might have to copy you…though mine will be a tad longer since I turn 28 in March…). I can’t believe you do your own nails!! I wish I could…but I mess mine up SO BAD! I would be terrified to try gel on my own…

    That’s incredibly sweet about you and your best friend…and you and your boyfriend. Good luck house hunting! I just purchased a condo and I have NO regrets. I really love having my own place.

    I have been vegetarian for almost 4 years now and I have no regrets – to each their own obviously, but I really don’t miss it. Word of advice though if you’re new is to really research good recipes. I already had low iron and B12 when I ate meat…and then I became iron deficient. Now I’m all healthy though since I take it more seriously. I also did it because I love animals, but also for health and environmental reasons.

    Thank you for answering all of our questions! I really enjoyed this post and learning more about you. Have a spectacular day love! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! We’ve actually just put a deposit down on a house, I’m soooo excited!!!

      I definitely need to do a bit more research into veggie recipes but practically half my family are vegetarian so it’s been an easy transition! I also ate a lot of veggie meals before I went completely meat free 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh my gosh, that’s great!! I love having my own place. A few people asked if I could do a photo tour post…but I kinda like to keep my own place private. Maybe one day.

        Oh man…I wish! I am the only one in my family…I want to find a REALLY good veggie chili for the winter…

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy Birthday Zuky, wish you all the best! Thank you for answering my trivial question about nails 😉 I really need tips on how to apply nail polish in your hands, I usually just do my toes.


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