A birthday Q&A… do you have any questions?

Just a quick blog post as it’s my birthday on the 5th November and I wanted to do a Q&A/facts about me post. I did one ages ago when I first started my blog but I have different & new followers now!

Are there any questions you’d like me to answer as part of the Q&A? Put them in the comments and when I’ll tag you in the post with my answer when it goes live!

22 Replies to “A birthday Q&A… do you have any questions?”

  1. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!! Man…so many November babies! One thing I would love to know is about your aesthetics, like the make up and stuff. Your make up and nails are always STUNNING, though this is not book related…

    I’m also always curious about whether people are character, story, setting or language oriented readers. I did a course during my librarianship studies and we discussed that people aren’t necessarily “genre” readers (though you can be) but “type” readers. For instance, I am 100% a character oriented reader.

    Only other thing I can think of is maybe some of your hobbies outside of reading? I think I know a few just from talking to you, but others might not.

    Okay…essay message done. ❤

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  2. I hope that you will enjoy your birthday, Zuky. Happy almost birthday 🙂

    I like knowing about other people’s travels so my question is, which is the most beautiful, memorable place that you have ever visited and which place tops your current travel bucket list 🙂

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