My mini absence and how I feel about blogging at the moment…

My mini absence and how I feel about blogging at the moment...

Hi guys, remember me? This may seem like a dramatic post considering I’ve only been gone for a week (you probably haven’t even noticed I’ve been gone!) but I just wanted to address my short absence.

I’ve been finding blogging difficult recently. I have so very little motivation to create posts and I think it’s down to the schedule I’ve given myself to post this blog on this day and that blog on that day. I want to give myself more freedom on my blog, and why shouldn’t I? It’s my blog after all!

I’ve also been struggling to read in the past couple of months and I think my lack of bookish activity is making book blogging feel a bit like a useless thing to do when I haven’t got any new books to review.

From here on in, I’m going to take blogging easy. I need to stop putting so much pressure on myself to get certain posts out on certain days and just go with the flow. I don’t need to get a new post everyday, in fact I could only post once a week if I wanted to, there should be no rules to blogging, especially on your own blog.

Sorry if this seemed like a bit of a pointless post, but I felt like I needed to vocalise my thoughts of the moment.

Anyway, see you again soon, or maybe not! Who knows?

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  1. I feel a massive need to reply to this Zuky.
    Blogs are a place for anyone and everyone to do whatever they please with. Whether this be post daily, weekly or monthly, post about books, fashion or baking and post text, images or gifs, its noone else’s decision but the author of the blog.
    Us bloggers created our bogs for so many individual reasons and I have really strong feelings about the hate some bloggers get for “not posting”, because well, who said I was planning on posting at all?!
    The more pressure we and others put on ourselves results in us wanting to post less and less. Posts only work when we have the passion to write them and the passion defiantly comes in waves so post as often or as little as you feel comfortable. If i get to read a post from you daily then amazing, but if it becomes weekly or even monthly Il still be excited to see them pop up!

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    1. Thanks so much Ali, you’re a star! I’m slowly getting through my blogging funk and will be back posting more regularly soon. I’m just going to take it easy and create posts that I actually want to make ❤ Thank you for your support xx

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  2. Don’t let it stress you at all, blogging should be your fun hobby and not something you feel obligated to do. As soon as it starts to feel like that it’s like all the fun is sucked out of it! That also goes for when you don’t feel like reading as much. Take it at your own pace and don’t worry about scheduling…I think everyone is happy to read from you whenever you want to share something 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much! I think that’s something that I need to get into my head, it really doesn’t matter if I’m posting daily or not – people who enjoy my blog will enjoy it with only one or two posts a week too! I should focus more on giving myself a break than pleasing others! 🙂


    1. Thanks Callum! My 2 week break has definitely helped and I’ve come back with the mindset of just posting things I actually want to post 🙂 I don’t need to stress myself out because I haven’t posted like 5 times a week 😀

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  3. You know the best thing about blogging rules? You can change them whenever you want, and make them into whatever you want. I hope you enjoy some relaxation and when you’re ready to blog you know you can come back at whatever pace you want!

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  4. I went through this when I hit my first year blog anniversary. I love blogging about books…don’t get me wrong. But during the last couple of years, I’ve developed so many more hobbies and interests! From yoga to board game nights to strength training to Netflix binge nights, I honestly can’t read 3 books a week like I used to be able to. The nice thing though is this is YOUR blog – you can do what you want! I finally came to terms with that around Spring of this year – there are times when I’m highly motivated, and there are times I just need to step away. I’ve been sticking with two to three posts a week, and I might even drop to two so I can focus more on reading books rather than “book tags” and such (though I do enjoy those).

    Well, even if you don’t come back, I hope you still come visit around once in a while! You’re a very wonderful person to chat with 🙂 Good on you for making the decision!

    Also…not a pointless post…I believe posts like this are important, because it makes other bloggers realize that we have lives outside of blogging and it’s normal to need to back away.

    See you soon!! Or…maybe not? 😉 ❤

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    1. Thanks so much Jenna! You’ve been so supportive of my blog all the way through and I thank you for being a friend!! I definitely felt like I was blogging more than I was reading but I want that to switch and give myself more time to read and enjoy books. I’m definitey coming back to this blog but I’m going to focus on only posting what I actually want to post, not just posting for the sake of it! ❤

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      1. Well…you’re kinda like one of the top book blogs out there…so I always want to support those that you can truly see how much passion and care they put into their blogs 🙂 But you’re welcome – thank you for having such a wonderful blog for me to follow! I have been backing a way and not posting as much, which I found wonderful as I’ve actually had time to read…and enjoyed it rather than feeling it was another task to complete.

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  5. I think you’re right: feeling pressured into blogging makes it more stressful and it won’t make you want to do it. I can relate. I’ve been working a lot and feel so tired. To keep myself somewhat sane I had to stop thinking about editing my 2nd book. I was torturing myself with thinking about it and feeling disappointed for not sticking to my schedule so I decided to let it go and just do it when I find the time and feel like it. Knowing myself I know that sooner or later I’ll jump into it more regularly and frequently.

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    1. I definitely agree with you – I was feeling disappointed in myself for not posting a blog on a certain day etc but that’s silly! I need to give myself more credit for the work I do and not stress about what I haven’t done! Good luck with your 2nd book ❤


  6. Best wishes to you, Zuky. I know what you mean and have felt like that before. Taking things slow and not putting pressure on yourself is definitely the right way to go. It shall be well ❤

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  7. I know I’ve felt the same only a few weeks ago so I get it. Do as you wish and there’s no pressure to post… just do it whenever you please and take breaks if that’s what you need ❤ We'll be here

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  8. I’m in the same boat as you! I’ve been in a reading slump for two months now and as such my ideas for blog posts about books has gone into a drought to say the least 😅 I’m going to attempt to force myself to pick up a book this weekend. Fingers crossed I enjoy it and don’t just put it down for more Netflix 🙈😂

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  9. I’ve written blog posts like this too. Because even though we don’t need to justify it, we feel like we’re letting ourselves and people down and its not true. We enjoy your content no matter when it comes. So take your time and find what makes you happy and what works for you. The book slump is totally normal and the reading will come back! 🙂 😘💕 x

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