My Favourite Bloggers

My Favourite Bloggers

I’ve seen a few of these Favourite Bloggers posts recently and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon!

There are so many bloggers that I absolutely love because they’re the loveliest people (Bridget & Books, Jenna @ Bookmark Your Thoughts, Marija @ Inside My Library Mind etc) but I wanted this post to feature bloggers whose blogs I’m trawling through constantly because not only are they wonderful people, I find their blog posts compelling.

All these blogs below post reviews that are totally within my realm of reading, so I find every single one of their posts of interest to me!


Keeper of Pages

Janel is my go-to blogger for bookish recommendations. Her reading tastes are sooo similar to mine and she’s always reading indie books so you can always find new books on her blog. Her reviews are all spoiler-free but still so descriptive and informative!


pace amore libir

Pace, Amore, Libri

I don’t read a lot of literary fiction, but Rachel has all the recommendations on her blog and her reviews are phenomenally eloquent. Even if you don’t want to read the book, her review will keep hold of your attention, they’re always so compelling!


whats nonfiction

What’s Nonfiction?

This blog is theย best place to find new nonfiction reads! Every time a new review is posted, I rush to read it… the number of true crime novels that have been added to my TBR because of her reviews is high! The reviews are alwaysย so detailed and fun to read. Finding this blog was a blessing and a curse.


emmas bookish corner

Emma’s Bookish Corner

Emma’s blog is the best place to find slightly more obscure crime recommendations! If I’m ever wanting to find a new crime book that’s not in the mainstream, off to Emma’s blog I go! As with everyone else, her reviews are fantastic! Before going on holiday this year, Matt wanted to pick a British Library Crime Classics book to take with him and everyone he picked up I then went and looked at Emma’s review for to make sure he picked up a good one!


cropped-untitled1 (1)

Here’s the Fucking Twistย 

If you’re wanting a laugh, definitely visit this blog! Krystin is incredibly witty and her sarky reviews always brighten my day. Sometimes I think that Krystin is my personality twin, but funnier.

There are, of course, tons of other blogs on this platform that I adore and visit often, but these are the few I wanted to showcase because I love them to pieces!!

Who are some of your favourite bloggers? Share the love!

28 Replies to “My Favourite Bloggers”

  1. I absolutely love these kinds of posts! I love Janel and Rachel’s blogs and I’ll be following the rest! Thanks for the quick shoutout, I appreciate it so much and I think you’re also one of the loveliest people I met through blogging and I love your blog! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. Thank you SO much for these incredibly kind words, you just made my day! I’m so flattered, especially coming from you with your completely fab reviews and wonderful posts! And wow, I feel in such good company among these other great reviewers too!

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  3. Well, you have well and truly made my day, I’m so glad you enjoy my blog! โค๏ธ I don’t post much other content so it’s good to know my reviews are enough, lol. And yes, I completely agree with you on What’s NonFiction? Ren’s blog is certainly the place to go for all things nonfiction!

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