The Liebster Award, take 4

The Liebster Award take 4

I was tagged in the Liebster Blog Award by Arrow & Dot (quite a while ago!) so if you want to find out some random information about me, keep reading.

Why did you decide to start a blog?

I’m so sorry for people who regularly read my blogs because I’ve answered this question a million times now! I started blogging purely because I wanted a hobby. I found myself coming home from work, reading and then doing nothing else. I thought it was a nice idea to extend my love of reading through a blog!


What fictional character would you most want to be friends with?

Rhiannon from the Sweetpea series! Besides the fact she’s a serial killer, she’s hella funny and has very similar humour to me. I could see us getting along like a house on fire!


What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Image result for childish gambino

Image result for bergen light festival

Oops, so I’m definitely very late in answering these questions! What I was looking forward to was my amazing holiday in France! Now I’m looking forward to going to see Childish Gambino for my birthday in November! I’m also going to Norway in November and while we’re there, they’re having the annual Bergen Light Festival (Christmas Tree lighting and fireworks etc) so that’s going to be amazing!


What are your goals for your blog this year?

I’d like to reach 1000 followers, but I don’t really have any specific goals. My one goal for the year was getting more involved in others blog posts, and I’ve definitely achieved that with my Favourite Reviews of the Week posts!


What fictional world would you most like to live in?

Image result for legolas

Again, never really sure what to answer for this as I only really read books set in the “real world” over fictional worlds. I always say Middle Earth for this Q, just because Legolas…


How do you prefer to read books: Paper, e-book, or audiobook?

Paperback all the way! I feel like those are real books and you can really lose yourself in them.


Where do you like to buy books? (Amazon, used bookstore, new bookstore, etc.)

I buy online a lot, I try to use Wordery as my online bookstore but I do go to Amazon too as we have Prime (PSA please stop shaming people for using Amazon, it’s cheap and some people can’t afford to buy books from other sites… and yes you could visit a second-hand bookstore, but not everyone has access to those or library’s!)


What is your favourite and least favourite thing about the area in which you live?

I like the fact it’s reasonably quiet and quaint. I don’t like the fact there is nothing to do here!!!


Coffee or tea?

Tea all the way, yum.


What did you study in college/university? Or, what are you studying/what do you want to study? Or, have you chosen a path that does not involve college?

I did sixth form at school where I did A Levels in English Literature, Sociology, and Psychology. I didn’t go on to university, I went into an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing.


What is something that you learned or improved at through blogging?

I think I’ve widened my vocabulary through blogging and reading.

I’m not going to tag anyone in this post today because I have about another 6 of these types of blogs to do and my brain is lagging today so I can’t think of any interesting questions.

7 Replies to “The Liebster Award, take 4”

  1. Legolas is a great reason to pick Middle Earth. (Either book-Legolas or movie-Legolas will work, IMO.)

    100% agree about not Amazon-shaming. I get books from box stores, my library, AND Amazon. I see them as all great ways to get books, and the point here is to encourage reading. Besides, when I shop Amazon, I use Amazon Smile, so at least it feels like my purchases are doing a little good.

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    1. Legolas is an angel ❤
      I get my books from everywhere too but some people just can't and it annoys me when I see people bashing others for using it. Yes OK, it's not the best place to buy from because it's killing independents etc etc but for some people, it's the only option!


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