Lowest rated TBR books

Lowest rated TBR books

I saw this post on Ally’s blog and I thought it was a really interesting post.

Why do we still want to read books that have bad / mediocre ratings on Goodreads? I tend to get funny about a book if the reviews are less than 3.5 stars average, but researching for this post, I’ve realised I have a lot of books that are below that on my TBR list.

Today, I wanted to look at a selection of the lowest rated books on my “To Be Read” shelf on Goodreads… it’ll be interesting to see what’s there and if you’ve read any of them yourself!

(Ally was inspired by Kristin’s post)

Image result for Sacrifice by Andrew Boylan

Sacrifice by Andrew Boyle 3.01 (182 ratings)

I actually already have this book on my Kindle, I believe I managed to get it as a freebie once. Considering I don’t read on my Kindle much anymore, the fact that this is rated so lowly on Goodreads makes me really uninterested in picking it up. However, as I already have the book, I may as well keep it on my list.


Pretty Is by Maggie Mitchell 3.07 (3,426 ratings)

This is another book that I already own, however, this is in paperback format, so it’s more likely that I could get through it, even if it is bad. I feel like this is the type of read I will leave for when I’m looking for a “throwaway thriller”, something that won’t take too much brain power.

Image result for The Apartment by S. L. Grey

The Apartment by S. L. Grey 3.14 (2,015 ratings)

I remember when this one came out. It sounded really exciting, and the fact that one of the authors is Sarah Lotz made this sound really appealing to me. Unfortunately the ratings aren’t great, with most being a very mediocre 3 stars. I still do want to give this book a shot but I’m not going to go out of my way to buy it. If I ever come across it in a second-hand bookshop or market, I’ll likely pick it up then.

Image result for the only child by andrew pyper

The Only Child by Andrew Pyper 3.14 (1,021 ratings)

I was so excited about this book when I first saw it on Netgalley that my trigger happy finger twitched and I requested it… I should have looked at the reviews that had already accumulated for it. The plot of this sounds SO promising, in reality, it appears to fail as a book… I’ll probably never get around to reading this one, but I do have it on my Kindle already.

Image result for the chrysalis by brendan deneen

The Chrysalis by Brendan Deneen 3.15 (13 ratings)

This is a newer book on the list as I only noticed this on Netgalley a month or so ago. Again, with the low number of ratings for this one, I feel like that negatively affects the average rating. However, 13 people all seemed to think it was pretty mediocre… so that says something, right?

Every Little Thing

Every Little Thing by Mark Blackmore 3.22 (9 ratings)

I loved the synopsis of this one when I first came across it and I remember the day I spent about £10 on 99p ebooks on Amazon, the day I bought this. Now the low rating on this one is pretty bad, but I take it with a pinch of salt due to the low, low numbers of ratings!

So there we have it! Those are the 6 lowest rated books on my TBR shelf. It’s interesting to see which books feature and even more interesting to see that some of my “read” books are actually topping the “lowest books on my Goodreads shelf overall” – e.g. The Watcher by Ross Armstrong (4 stars from me) and Heather, the Totality by Matthew Weiner (2 stars from me).

I’m definitely going to do a part 2 of this post sometime in the future!

Have you read any of these, what did you think? Also, what’s the lowest rated book on your TBR?

19 Replies to “Lowest rated TBR books”

  1. This is a fun post idea! I was tempted to do it when Ally posted it, and the more I see it the more fun it looks.

    For me, the two lowest rated books on my TBR are technically not released (and I so don’t know how they have ratings), so I’m not counting those. The third lowest is The Dark Net by Benjamin Percy at 3.24.

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