(Non-bookish) Unpopular opinions

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Today I wanted to create a post of some of my own unpopular opinions! I’m a bit of a special snowflake and don’t seem to like popular things that others are mad over… please don’t unfollow me.

Also, can we please note that I’ve become a witty special snowflake in this post – appreciate my headings!!!

Harry Potter and the what now?

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First up, the most controversial and shocking. I couldn’t give a toss about Harry Potter!! I never read the books as a kid, to my recollection my mum never bought me or offered to buy me the books, so I didn’t even think about them. I liked to read Lemony Snicket & Patrick Ness as a child.

Now that’s not to say I’ve never seen the HP films, I think I’ve seen 4 of them? I even went to see The Chamber of Secrets at the cinema twice because I liked it that much! However, I started on movies like Old Boy, Citizen Kane, and The Shining early on in my life so something like Harry Potter just stopped being of any interest.

Marvel Shmarvel

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Another film series I don’t really care for is Marvel. Don’t get me wrong, I watched the first 2 Thor movies (mainly because Hemsworth is… dreamy) but I never liked Iron Man, had no interest in Captain America and only like the early Hulk film because it was Ed Norton. Over the years I’ve become less and less interested in keeping up with the Marvel Universe. My boyfriend’s family enjoy the movies and I’ve had to endure Guardians of the Galaxy but I think that’s the last Marvel movie I’ve watched.

My problem with the franchise is that it’s just sooooo cheesy and cringey! The forced humour is tragic, and no amount of beautiful muscly men are going to make me put myself through that.

Brooklyn 99? More like Brooklyn No No

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I really hate corny American TV shows. I totally get why Brooklyn 99 did so well, with its diverse cast and episodes that tackle on-topic issues but I can’t get past how American it is. I don’t mean that to cause offence, but there is something so different about UK and US humour, I find so many of the American TV shows really force humour and have annoying larger than life personalities that just get on my nerves.

I’ve been forced into watching many a Brooklyn 99 episode at my boyfriend’s house, and hey, at least it’s better than The Big Bang Theory, or How I Met Your Mother, but I’d really rather be watching something else. Please, anything but this!

Hamilton who?

Related image

I don’t get the whole Hamilton thing? Like yeah, it’s a different, unique way of telling history (kind-of… Jesus Christ Super Star is still winning that) but what I don’t understand is why people went absolutely bananas for it.

I’ve listened to a few of the songs but they didn’t grab me in the slightest. Enjoy what you wanna enjoy, but it’s not for me.

OK, are people still here? Do I still have friends? These are just my personal opinions on some very popular things at the moment that I just can’t get on-board with. No offence was meant to have been caused, you do you ladies & gents.

What are some of your unpopular opinions? Do you share any of my ones featured in this post?

53 Replies to “(Non-bookish) Unpopular opinions”

  1. I’ve never read Harry Potter and i don’t think i ever will. Maybe if i had a kid and he/she liked it, i would be tempted…

    No idea what / who Hamilton is… 😀 … and yea, i can’t be bothered to actually google it and find it out.

    Love Brooklyn 99 tho… ❤

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  2. I’m totally with you when it comes to Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I’ve watched quite a few American crime shows over the years but I cannot be doing with the over-exaggerated and forced humour that seems to flow through some of them. Like you, it grates my nerves and I can’t deal with it. It’s definitely one of the reasons why I can never watch any of the big comedies.

    Marvel – I’m not the greatest fan of superheroes (unless it’s the Incredibles) and I’ve also had no interest in it even though one of my friends tried to get me into it.
    Hamilton – I really don’t like rap/RnB style music, although I can’t deny that Lin Manuel Miranda is fantastic, so there’s no way I could sit through it or listen to the soundtrack.

    Harry Potter and I have a love/hate relationship. I really love the world and everything JK Rowling created but I hate books/films two and four and I got fed up being bombarded with Harry Potter this and Harry Potter that wherever I went. My foray into fantasy as a kid was His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, Narnia and fairytales. I also clicked with them more than Harry Potter.

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  3. Other than Harry Potter I agree with all of these! I absolutely cannot stand superhero films, they’re so insufferably corny and formulaic. JCS is a hundred times better than Hamilton, lol.

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  4. I love Harry Potter (can see why people wouldn’t though, actually the later books can get very dark and depressing) I can’t keep up with Marvel. Superhero genres are really interesting aesthetically but there’s just so many authors/artists working on it I feel like the storylines are all over the place.
    Agree completely with the others – not my cuppa tea either.

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  5. I can conceded that Brooklynn 99 has some completely bananas American humor in it. Andy Samburg is definitely not for everyone. But it’s still SO AMAZING. I mean, Holt. Holt is not just American funny, he is funny funny. How that man has never won an Emmy is beyond me. I will fight for the Nine-Nine until my dying day!

    Also, I would encourage you to not say Hamilton isn’t for you until you listen to more than just a few songs. I was right there with you, man. “I listened to a couple songs and it was like, meh.” But then I listened to the whole thing and was completely blown away. I won’t try to convert you, it sounds like you’re determined to not listen to it, but it’s sort of a don’t-knock-it-til-you-try-it thing.

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    1. I’ve seen at least an entire series of Nine Nine now and I’ve not once laughed at it, it’s just not my kinda humour 🤷‍♀️
      Also, I’m not determined not to listen to Hamilton, but my interests are so different from what it is. I like horror and gore and disturbing psychological things. Other than JCSS (which I grew up with) I’ve not been into musicals and the like since 🙂

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  6. I’ve never watched Brooklyn 99, but I love the rest of the items on your list, LOL. I was indifferent toward Hamilton until I saw it on stage, though. That’s what made it magical to me.

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  7. I share all of these except for Brooklyn 99. I love that show so so much. But I totally get what you mean about the big personalities always being clowns, instead of something more subtle, which is definitely UK humour. I read one Harry Potter book and I do not get it? So I just don’t talk about it because you never know who’s going to flip out that you don’t care about it. I work with a girl, a couple years younger than me, who has a whole sleeve tattoo of Harry Potter. I find it odd… but then she’d probably find my Silence of the Lambs tattoo odd.

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    1. It’s a tricky one with HP cause you can really offend some people! I used to live about 20 mins away from Harry Potter World (or whatever it’s called) and it drove me insane seeing all the fans on my train into work with their HP merch on hahaha


  8. I love Brooklyn Nine Nine but yeah, I’m American so maybe the type of humor doesn’t faze me and has more appeal? But I can’t stand Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother and how everyone tries to insist how great and hilarious they are! Ugh! I lose so much respect every time someone swoons over one of those to me. I know that’s judgmental but I can’t help it, they’re so aggressively unfunny. Totally with you on all things Marvel too!

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      1. Big Bang Theory is the WORST show ever created!! And the fake laughter on the sound track (??) is the literal worst. I just wished that show would die in a fire. Too extreme? Haha!

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  9. Some of this really hurt me, but like I get it?? And its totally okay!
    I completely understand what you mean about American humour! I am from AUS so our brand of humour is completely different to even the UK so I’m just kind of like what… are you all talking about??? I do like B99 though, even though I think it’s more problematic sometimes than we like to admit (particularly earlier on in the show).

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  10. I’ve never watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I don’t care about Mavel it DC for that matter that might not even be what it’s called lol oh well. While I do absolutely love Harry Potter and I enjoyed Hamilton I’ve never been the type of fan to really go crazy over something.

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  11. Great article!

    I actually love Brooklyn 99, LoL, but to each their own.

    I am a Theater Dork and would have like to have seen Hamilton, but at this point tickets are still impossible to get and I kind of don’t really care anymore cause it’s impossible, LoL. There are so many other shows to see anyways that it’s fine. I have heard from people here are there that’s it’s a good show, but possibly slightly over-hyped.

    I actually have never seen any of the Marvel movies, I kind of been feeling left out of that aspect of the pop culture scene. I figured this year maybe I’d see what all the fuss is about. There’s so many movies at this point that it probably take a year to finish, LoL.

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