How to write an effective Netgalley bio

I’ve revamped my most popular blog post slightly! As it gets new views every day I thought it could do with a little update. Check it out if you need help on creating a successful Netgalley bio!


How to write an effective Netgalley bio

When I first started on Netgalley, I really had no idea on what I should write in my bio area. Netgalley makes a big deal about the fact that having a good bio will make publishers more likely to accept your requests, however, they don’t really give you a lot of support in terms of what publishers would like to see there, so you’re left to your own devices to make something up.

In my opinion, your Netgalley bio should lean toward the professional over the personal. Publishers are more likely to accept your requests if your bio shows them how you’ll publicise their book and increase the outreach of the novel, rather than some spiel about who you are and what you like.

So, start your bio off with a little something about your reading tastes, but don’t go on forever.

“I have a huge passion for reading. My…

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