Authors I am waiting on another book from

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Beth at Divine World of Books post this post on her own blog, and I loved the idea of it so much, I’ve stolen it!

Today I wanted to revisit some authors who I absolutely loved books from, and am now just impatiently waiting on new books from! There are so many authors I’ve read over the years that absolutely blew me away with their writing, but haven’t come back with anything since…. and I want them too!

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Beth Underdown

After reading The Witchfinder’s Sister last year, I’m desperate for another taste of Underdown’s writing! She wrote the most amazing, eloquent and beautiful story before and I want to revisit the worlds she creates. Historical fiction is one of my favourite genres and she did it so well, so obviously I want more, more, more!


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Rena Olsen

I’m so excited to see that Olsen has a new book coming out in August! Her previous novel The Girl Before was absolutely stunning and I really connected with the characters. The story was an emotional ride, and I haven’t really felt like that again about a book. I can’t wait to read her second novel With You Always.


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Alexandra Oliva

I read Oliva’s debut novel The Last One in 2016 and absolutely loved it! It was the first dystopian that I truly fell in love with and definitely opened up the whole genre for me. Her characters were so much fun and the story was both light-hearted and brutal. It was a really great book and I’d love to see what else she could come up with.


Image result for Ali Land

Ali Land

I really didn’t expect to love Good Me, Bad Me as much as I did, I was sort of thinking it’d just be a samey thriller, but it ended up being so much more than that! It was really exciting and creepy. Land managed to create the perfect not-too-creepy-not-enough-creepy child and the story was riveting. More, please!


Image result for Kaira Rouda

Kaira Rouda

Last but certainly not least is my newest author discovery. Same with Ali Land, I hadn’t actually expected Best Day Ever to be anything special, but it ticked all the boxes for me! Rouda created such a creepy narcissistic narrator who I absolutely loved, and the pacing of the book was just perfect!

Annnnd there we have it! Those are the authors I really wish I had more books to read from. I really can’t wait for Rena Olsen’s next release, and I have a feeling Beth Underdown is working on something currently… hmmm.

What authors do you wish had more books? Are any of your picks the same as mine?

7 Replies to “Authors I am waiting on another book from”

  1. I completely agree with your pick of Ali Land! I really loved how creepy Good Me Bad Me was.

    I also enjoy J P Delaney’s writing and Laura Marshall’s Friend Request – both of which I think have upcoming releases so not too much longer to wait! Xx

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  2. Aw thanks so much for linking to my blog 😀 Haven’t read any books from these authors but I have seen Good Me, Bad Me everywhere! Will have to make a note to pick this one up 😀

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