The BookBum Club: July Theme

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It’s a new month, so it’s a new theme! I’m currently away on holiday, but the theme I’ve picked fits in with the books I’ve taken away with me – I confess, it’s a fixed theme this month!

It’s an easy one though, so you should all hopefully be able to join in!

… Also, just to remind you all that I’m on holiday, so won’t be posting the June reviews until I’m back!



For this theme, read a book you were meant to read in 2017! 

I can’t be the only one who is determined to read a book after they’ve bought it, and then accidentally never gets around to it until it’s right near the bottom of your TBR pile! Now’s the chance to pick that book up and finally read it!




The Boy on the Bridge by M. R. Carey

I actually pre-ordered this book last year because I was so excited to read the “sequel” to The Girl With All the Gifts, however, it arrived, I put it on my shelves and totally forgot to pick it up! I thought this would be the perfect holiday read for me, so I’m finally going to pick it up and rejoin the world of The Hungries.

I hope you all like the theme for July! Let me know what book you’ll be reading this month, and whether you’ve seen the movie version of your book!

Don’t forget, you can find The BookBum Community on Goodreads too! You can join it here. I will be posting all this over on the GR threads too.

Note: I am on holiday for 2 weeks! I have access to WiFi but I probably won’t be checking my blog or social media too often, so please excuse my late responses to your comments!

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