Films I wish were books


Films I wish were books (3)

Ages ago I read a fantastic post by Nicole at What a Different a Word Makes where she talked about movies she wished were books, and I thought that was a great idea! So, I’ve nicked it and made my own version!

Obviously, being the reader that I am, I’ve chosen a mix of horror & psychological thrillers. The films are all big recommendations, so check them out if you haven’t already!

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Funny Games

This is one of my favourite horror movies of all time.

This would be one of those books set over a less than 24 hour period, it would be super slow paced, menacing, and tension building. It would feature a charming, narcissistic male narrator, which is my favourite kind of narrator. It would be brutal but feature its fair share of dark humour. You might find the villains becoming some of your “favourites”.

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This is a very obscure Greek film and it’s seriously weird.

This book would tackle some really dark topics in a very literary-fiction, obscure way. Although there is a lot to fit in, I see this being a short novel, rather than a long one with lots of detail. You’d come out the other end of the book version of this not really knowing the characters very well and having lots of unanswered questions.

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Hands down one of the best thriller movies of all time. (Yes, I know Kevin Spacey is a piece of shit tho)

This would be a heart-racing thrill ride of a book. Each chapter would finish with a mini-cliffhanger and you’d lose sleep after picking it up. Definitely, an under 24-hour kind-of read. You’d feel every emotion going throughout reading this one. You’d become so attached to the characters you’d wish it was the first book in a series.

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Not the best film in the world, but there’s something I really love about it.

This would be a slow, complicated domestic thriller. Very limited to 3 main characters who you’d get to know very well, but you wouldn’t know who to trust. It would be a slow unravelling story with a shocker ending. Features a strong, but troubled, female lead.

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A Quiet Place

A very new movie but a seriously emotional thrill-ride.

Imagine this book as Bird Box but for sound. This would be a seriously intense novel where you’d feel tired and stressed after reading it. You’d become super attached to all the characters, and feel all their emotions as if they were your own. It would have some amazing world building in it.

Image result for memento movie poster


This film brings out some “holy shit” moments.

Forget Gone Girl, this would be one of the most shocking, twisty thrillers of all time. You would become so emotionally attached to Leonard. The backwards timeline of this would be very hit or miss with readers. It would both thrill you and pull at your heartstrings. I would definitely add this to my “made-me-cry” shelf on Goodreads.

(We’re ignoring the fact this has a short story already, I want a full 400 page novel)

There we have it! I hope you liked the post and if you’ve seen any of the movies, agree with my picks. Thanks again to Nicole for the idea, it was so much fun thinking about some of my favourite films and how they’d work as novels!

What movies do you wish were based on books?

Note: I am on holiday for 2 weeks! I have access to WiFi but I probably won’t be checking my blog or social media too often, so please excuse my late responses to your comments!

28 Replies to “Films I wish were books”

  1. HELL YES to A Quiet Place. When I was watching it, I was completely convinced it was based on a novel and that I had just missed it in the opening credits. As soon as the movie was over, I googled it on my phone and was shocked to see it was not. One of the best written screenplays I’ve seen in a long time!

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  2. Ooooh Se7en and Stoker would be such great books!! Funny games too! And Memento haha! I didn’t check if it’s based on a book, but the thriller Prisoners with Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman is one of my favorites!


  3. Braveheart, Dances with Wolves and Girl Trip. I am one of the few that like to watch a movie BEFORE I read the book. So when I finally read Twilight, I heard Kristen Stewart’s voice in my head the whole time and imagined her mannerism. I prefer it that way. It’s like having an appetizer before the main meal. The entree has more substance

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