Books that underwhelmed me

Books that underwhelmed me

Recently I had a conversation with a colleague about films that seriously underwhelmed us and it gave me the inspiration to write this post! Not every book is going to be perfect, but sometimes you’re just really hoping one, in particular, will work for you, and then it doesn’t. This is a post all about those books!


The Roanoke Girls

After seeing this novel on loads of different “best of 2017” blog posts at the end of last year, I was so excited to read it. The whole book focused itself on a dark and controversial subject which I thought would be right up my alley too! Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to any of my expectations.

I found the book, overall, really depressing. You can still make a book about awful things not feel totally drab and like the world is an evil place, but this book did. I found the characters uninteresting and the controversial subject matter wasn’t as gruesome and in your face as I expected it to be.




The Polygamist’s Daughter

As morbid as this is, I was really looking forward to this being an uncomfortably up-close-and-personal account of the authors time living in an abusive polygamist cult. I have a sick fascination with the macabre (as long as things turn out nicely in the end ofc!) and that was what I was expecting out of this book.

However, this turned out to be quite a tame read when everything’s said and done. LeBaron recounts her overworked childhood and the family life of a polygamist Mormon family, however there weren’t really any shocks in the story. Honestly, it was a little bit boring.




The Chalk Man

Everyone was harping on about how amazing this novel was, and Stephen King himself said it gave him the creeps to I had massively high hopes for this.

I personally found this one pretty mediocre as far as thrillers go. There were obvious scapegoats in the story, the writing wasn’t amazing, and I didn’t think the characters were particularly memorable either. Actually, its been a few months since I’ve read this and I can barely remember the story – clearly shows I didn’t care about it an awful lot!




Between You and Me

I read this as part of a buddy read with Janel last year and we were both really looking forward to a “shocking” and “mind-bending” read. Everyone was going crazy over the plot twist in this one so I had really high hopes.

What a load of rubbish this ended up being. The story was excruciatingly repetitive, and the writing style was poor. I’m pretty sure we both spotted the plot twist from a mile off too, which just made it even more of a let down.



Image result for last breath by robert bryndza

Last Breath by Robert Bryndza

Last up is a book that’s probably a little bit of a shock to followers of the Erika Foster series. I was enjoying following this series’ characters along on their journey, so of course I picked up book number 4 to read!

This was, by far, my least favourite book in the series. Erika started to really get on my nerves with her moody and snappiness. I also found the story a lot less exciting than in book 3, plus the mystery of who our killer was is given away early in the novel, instead of being built to a big final reveal.

⭐⭐⭐ All the other Erika Foster books had been 4 stars before this.

So there you have it! That’s just a small selection of underwhelming novels I have read… I may make this into a series and make a pert 2 at some point!

Did you find any of these books underwhelming too? What books have you read that you felt sounded way better than they actually were?

24 Replies to “Books that underwhelmed me”

  1. I think I gave The Chalk Man 4 stars because it was decently enjoyable, but it was one of those books that had been hyped SO highly that when I eventually read it I was just kind of like…. what, this is it??

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  2. I’ve known books like this that have all this hype about them and then when you finally sit down to read them, you think, ‘This is it, seriously?’

    I was tempted to read The Chalk Man, but I do like my Thrillers to be well-written, so I’m actually really grateful that you posted this.

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    1. It was good but in the end, it kind of wasn’t what I was expecting so that let me down mainly. It was well written and I will definitely read another book by Engel! If you don’t think The Chalk Man would be a good fit for you, there’s no point in trying it I don’t think! 🙂


  3. I loved the Chalk Man a lot ❤ Bummer it didn't work for you. 😦
    I really like the cover on the roanoke girls, but it's not my sort of book so i don't think i'd like it either

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  4. Sadly it seems that I’ve had this experience with just about every hyped book I’ve read in the past couple of years. Oh well, maybe it’s a lesson for me to keep my hopes down?

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  5. I feel exactly the same way about The Chalk Man! As it was so hyped I took it away on holiday to the Maldives and it was such a let down. I defiantly didn’t hate it but I defiantly didn’t feel the way others did about it.! I love these kind of posts from you. I trust your judgement of books because your so honest and hats excavate what I need from the bloggers I take recommendations from! Thanks Zuky!! x

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