May 2018 wrap-up

Books I’ve read this month

I only managed another 3 books this month… plus one DNF!



Books read: 3
Pages read: 862
Female authors: 3
Male authors: 0
3 stars

The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel
Give It Back by Danielle Esplin

4 stars

The Fortunate Brother by Donna Morrissey


Books I’ve DNF’d this month

It’s such a shame I had to DNF this book this month as I picked it as my BookBum Club read for May. I got a fair way through it before I just had to put it down…

Luckily I managed to sneak in another book for the theme.


Kin by Snorri Kristjansson


Favourite book of the month


Still no 5 star reads in 2018 as of yet, but The Fortunate Brother is definitely one of my favourite reads of the year so far. I love a good slow paced, mystery literary fiction novel with wholesome, real characters.


Books bought or received this month



Giveaway wins: 3
ARC: 2


The BookBum Club


For the month of June, The BookBum Club theme is: MOVIE NIGHT

Read a book that has been adapted into a film!

I’ll be reading: 


The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin

I’ve been meaning to read another Ira Levin book since loving Rosemary’s Baby last year. I won a giveaway hosted by Inside My Library Mind and bought The Stepford Wives as part of my prize! I can’t wait to get into it. It’s only a little book, so it shouldn’t take me long, especially if I love it as much as I loved Rosemary’s Baby!

I haven’t actually seen the movie adaptation of The Stepford Wives. I went to watch it (illegally) once but the site didn’t work so I gave up. I’m glad of this now as I prefer reading the book before seeing the movie!

Join the club and tell me what you’ll be reading in June, here!


Book goal update


I honestly can’t believe I’ve only read 19 books this year so far… it’s kind of embarrassing considering last year I managed over 100 books in total. Oh well.



Here are the pics I posted on IG this month! I started a new theme on my feed this month, hence why some of the books look so different!





The first song I want to highlight is something I’ve been listening to literally non-stop all month. Matt is soooooo annoyed by it now but I still LOVE it, even after listening to it approx. 100 times over…

The song is New Light by John Mayer… I’ve never really liked Mayer’s music before but this one is so cute, chilled and catchy. The music video is hilarious meme-y too.

Next is the new Childish Gambino song, This is America. I love everything Gambino comes out with, this being no exception. I know that the music video was pretty controversial, but I think it’s really powerful…

I feel like Matthew Young has been in all my music updates these past few months, but he released his full EP this week which featured a couple of new songs… including a new fave – Over This.

I’m not the biggest fan of Ariana Grande’s music, but No Tears Left To Cry is a jam and I’ve been loving listening to it this month!


Personal update

I feel like I haven’t done an awful lot this month… Work’s been hella busy this month for various different reasons so I can’t really remember what I’ve done other than lots of overtime!

It’s been a super sunny May here in England, so I’ve spent quite a few weekends out in the sun. Towards the beginning of the month we had a BBQ at Matt’s house with a few of our closest friends which was very relaxed.

Matt & I went out for a picnie & walk on one sunny weekend to Rushmere Country Park which was so lovely. I don’t go on walks often, but when I do I really enjoy them!



I also had a small gathering at my house this past weeked for another BBQ and drinks. The power went out around 9:30pm so we went outside and created ourselves a little fire pit to sit around. The evening was very chilled out and cosy.

Yesterday, I went and got my hair dyed… pink! Well, not quite pink yet, but it’s close to how what I’m wanting. It’s just so nice to have lighter hair again!



That’s a wrap

That’s all for May this year… Only 1 more month to go before I jet of to France – I can’t wait!!

I hope you had a nice May! What were some of your highlights of this month?

19 Replies to “May 2018 wrap-up”

    1. Have you seen the movie of Girl, Interrupted? And thank you! I’m loving how coppery it is, I’m now thinking of dying the ends a bright ginger as I’ve always wanted to be a redhead! I’m not sure though, need to wait til payday whatever the decision 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have, I LOVED the movie, I’ve watched it countless times, only recently did I find out it was inspired by a true story, so I’m eager to read this one!

        I say, go forth and be a redhead (on payday)!!

        Liked by 1 person

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