(Non-bookish) Movie Review: A Quiet Place

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I went and saw A Quiet Place last Wednesday with my dad, and wow, what an intense ride it was! I don’t write many movie reviews because 1) I usually watch older films and I don’t think people would care about my thoughts on those as much and 2) I rarely feel so passionate about a film I’ve just seen.

However, A Quiet Place is worth talking about, so here I am with my latest movie review!

Just a note: I’m not going to give any spoilers, but I know sometimes even if someone tells you about a movie, you go in feeling like you kind of know what’s going to happen… so, as I’m going to fully review this movie, if you would rather go in a blank slate, stop reading!

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I went into this movie expecting an exciting horror but boy-o-boy it was much more than that! I don’t even think you could consider this movie a “horror” – although it has horror elements, if felt much more like a very intense thriller for me (although maybe that’s because I’m so immune to the horror genre now?)

For me, this movie wasn’t about the monsters or the scares, it was a story about unconditional love. I watched a YouTube video with John Krasinski in before going to see the film, and within it he mentioned that A Quiet Place was a message to his kids. The message being “I will do anything to protect you”, and during my time watching the film this is all I could think about. Due to this, the film felt far more emotional and intense than I had originally thought it was going to be.

I don’t want to say much more about the story other than it is about a family sticking together and doing everything they can to help each other out of terrifying situations, so I’m going to move quickly over to some other points I wanted to make.

I hope if / when you go to see this, you get a perfectly considerate audience in the cinema with you, like I did. The whole point of this film is the silence… and for that to work, not only does the film have to be quiet, the people you’re with have to be quiet too. I’m amazed at how silent everyone in the film was, you could hear every little fidget. Not only does the silence of this film empathise all the jumpscares (of which there are several), it also makes you realise just how difficult it is to be quiet! This not only makes you realise just how noisy we are as human beings, it adds to the overall intensity of the whole film. Is that tiny noise going to bring the monsters close?

I have a friend who messaged me coming out of this movie saying “I have a back-ache. That movie was so intense!” so that gives you an idea of just how invested you get into the family and story in this film. There are so many moments where you’re holding your breath thinking “how the hell are they going to escape this?!”

I have so much more I want to say, but I’m not sure how to go about it without ruining an element of the film, so I’m just going to have to leave it here. Sorry if the review feels incomplete in some way, but this is the sort of movie you have to see and then discuss.

I’ll end this review by saying this movie is intense, emotional, fantastically clever, superbly well acted, directed and written and is worth going to see on the big screen.

9 Replies to “(Non-bookish) Movie Review: A Quiet Place”

  1. It’s crazy, I never heard a thing about this move leading up to it’s release and now everyone’s talking about it. I’m getting movie FOMO. And I think you should review older movies too, as someone that prefers staying in to going out, I’m more inclined to watch older movies as they’re readily available 😊

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    1. I’m a bit of a horror movie maniac so I’m always scoping out the next one so I was really excited to see this come out. Horror films are so hard to do right, but this one did really well to not be super cheesy as hell. And thanks for the feedback! I might start doing some more older movie reviews 😛

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  2. I really want to see this but I get the feeling the experience depends on the rest of the audience in the movie theatre. Knowing my luck I’d be sat next to the people with the plastic bag full of crisps sweets and drinks 😂

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    1. Hahaha, I think the silence of the rest of the people in the screen with you would affect your experience. My dad had a big bag of popcorn, ate before the movie and then couldn’t in the actual film because it would make too much noise – he hadn’t realised quite how silent it was going to be! He said it was the first film he’s ever gone to where he’s still had popcorn during the credits lol

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