Books I enjoyed but can’t remember anything about

BOOK REVIEW BANNER - Books I enjoyed but can't remember anything about

So I saw this was a theme on Top Ten Tuesday a few weeks back and I liked the prompt. The idea was to talk about books that in the past you obviously liked, because you’ve got your Goodreads rating to back you up, but you can’t actually remember much about it anymore.

When I saw this prompt, I didn’t think I’d have a lot of books to use in the list, but scrolling through my 4-star Goodreads shelf, I realised just how wrong I was. I can’t imagine the amount of books the likes of Keeper at Pages, Clues & Reviews, and The Suspense is Thrilling Me have forgotten over the years!

So what I’ve done is split the books into several different categories. Books where I can’t remember the plot, books where I can’t remember the characters, and books where I can’t remember anything!


So first off we have a book that I can recall due to the characters, but I can’t actually remember the plot of the story! Which seems pretty bonkers, but this book was definitely more character focused to it kind of makes sense.




Next we have a couple of books where I can easily remember what the story was about but I can’t remember who the story was about. I feel like both of these were very plot based and even though the characters are paramount to a plot, they weren’t necessarily the thing you were supposed to be focusing all your attention on, and for that reason, I’ve forgotten about them completely!




Then, lastly, are the books I can’t remember a thing about! It seems so mad to me that I could have taken my time reading these, rating and reviewing them, and then just forgetting about them completely. But without any prompt, I could not tell you thing about these. I definitely could make some guesses, but that’s all they’d be… guesses!




So there you have it! These are some of the books I’ve read in the past couple of years that I can’t recall, partly or fully!

I’d love to know some books you’ve read but now can’t remember – it would be interesting to see if I’ve read and remembered them myself!


12 Replies to “Books I enjoyed but can’t remember anything about”

  1. There was one year in my life when I was in middle school where I read everything and read A LOT of books. Looking back now, I remember half of the books I read, because most of the time I was reading it too fast. My mom has the belief that if you don’t remember a book after a while, it means that the book wasn’t that special to you. After that she’d just donate the books she doesn’t remember πŸ™‚

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  2. I haven’t read any of these, but there are plenty of books I’ve read and don’t remember. I did the Top Ten Tuesday post about it when it was the week’s prompt, and it was weird to see how many books I could add to that list.

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    1. I honestly thought there would be more but I’m still surprised at how many I couldn’t remember! It’s amazing how some things just totally leave you – my brain is made for faces and lyrics πŸ˜›


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