UK vs US book covers, take 2

UK vs US book covers

Very recently, I went to remind myself what books I had on pre-order and found that all but a couple had had horrible cover changes! It reminded me about the previous UK vs US book covers post I did and inspired me to make another one.

Last time, I found that I didn’t have a preference on the book covers I picked, but I tend to find in real life situations, I was the US covers way more than the UK ones. Maybe because I know I can’t get the US covers (some of the time) it makes me want them more!

So, let’s take a look at some of the cover changes from UK to US books that’s I’ve noticed recently! UK books will be on the left, US on the right (or UK first, US second if you’re on your phone).

Not only did this book get a cover change, it also got a title change from US to UK! I HATE the UK’s adaptation on this novel, the name is far less creative and creepy, and the cover is so cliche and tacky. I actually cancelled my pre-order of this book because I didn’t want to get that awful UK cover, and I will buy the book when I can get a hold of the US version.

Winner: US


I understand the UK cover for this one, because it’s a book about obsession and the two silouettes kind-of represent that (but it also kind of looks like a romantic embrace), but I like the US cover more. I don’t really understand the snake like chains but it’s far more disturbing which I think feels right to storyline.

Winner: US


Considering this is such a hyped and in-the-limelight book, I would have thought they could have designed some nicer covers. I don’t like either of these ones, but the UK one honestly looks like it was done on Microsoft Paint. I get that it represents the story more, but it’s just awful.

Winner: US


Unlike the other books I’ve looked at so far, this is one comparison where the UK book is not trying to represent what the book is about. The seemingly random UK cover is actually like that because it matches the authors previous books (a huge pet peeve of mine!!!). The US cover has the paper looking effect and the two sisters that feature in the synopsis. It’s also far more ominous!

Winner: US


Another cover and title change! This is one of those super popular books that I still haven’t read, ugh! But, that’s besides the point. While I quite like both of these covers, I really like the UK one more. It’s a lot cleaner and cuter. The US one is fine, but I feel like the titles font makes it look really dated?

Winner: UK

This time around there’s definitely a clear winner! The US have come out with some great book covers recently, much better than us over here in the UK!

I’d love to hear what you think about these covers! Tell which ones you prefer out of the two, and why!

19 Replies to “UK vs US book covers, take 2”

  1. I completely agree on The Scandal — I think the UK cover in that case is so much more interesting.

    I personally like the UK cover of Paper Ghosts more — but I don’t know anything about the book or its theme, I just like the look of the cover. If I looked into what the book was about I might agree with you, but if I was in a shop picking up a book to browse based purely on the cover, I’d grab the UK one.

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    1. I suppose knowing what the book is about does influence my opinion on the covers of books. I do still like the UK one, it’s striking, but I think I’d still prefer the US one even if I didn’t know the story ☺️

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  2. Interesting to see the two side by side. I reckon I agree with most of your views, although the Baby Teeth cover doesn’t annoy me as much, I can see why you think it’s cheesy.

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  3. I actually like the silly hangman on the chalk man UK cover. It reminded me of the hangman game I played as a kid and also loved the noose effect. It is what led me to request that book. I thought the US cover was a bit bland even though it is sharper looking in general.
    x The Captain

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  4. I often find that I like the US covers better and since I live in the US, I wonder if that means the cover artists are doing a really good job of knowing their audience! I’m actually really torn on the covers of Paper Ghosts though. I think they’re both pretty fantastic in their creepiness πŸ™‚

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