Where to buy brand new books for £2!

£2 books

No, you have not been deceived, this is not click-bait! I am really going to talk to you about my favourite online shop where you can get seriously cheap, brand new books!

If you live in the UK, you may have seen The Works down your local high-street. It’s usually filled to the brim with random tat, but you can find some absolutely fantastic items in them sometimes, if you feel like braving the mess! But, if you’re not feeling brave, you can always shop with them online. Which is what I do… a lot. And ‘why?’ do I hear you ask? Well, because they sell brand new books for just £2! And always have a ‘6 books for £10‘ deal running!

6 books… for £10… what a bargain!

Now, if you’re a constant book-buyer, like me, you might find The Works’ website doesn’t always fulfil your bookish needs. It doesn’t get updated all too often, so if you buy 6 books a time, you may find yourself waiting for ages to fill your basket to get the £10 deal. But even without reaching the 6 book threshold, there’s tons of books on the site that are only £2, so you could buy just one or two if you really wanted to!


You may be thinking “but are the books any good? Or are they just old, little-known books that I won’t care about?” and yes, sometimes there are crappy looking books, and there’s a lot of classics on the site, which are always cheap! But, there are some really great, and sometimes pretty current books on there! For example…

And yes I know these are mostly mystery thrillers, but those are the kinds of books I know… I wouldn’t know a relevant romance or contemporary fiction novel if it hit me in the face! But, rest assured, there’s a huuuge selection of genres to choose from!

genres on the works

And those are just the genres for fiction books! You also have non-fiction and children’s books on the site. You can also bag yourself a bargain on book collections / series!

I also just found out, you can get yourself Audio Book CD’s on the site too, for a good price! There’s even a 2 for £8 deal on them! So if you’re into audio-books, this is another great option for you to get them!


I feel like this blog post sounds salesy, but I wanted to share with you my love for this site and its beautifully cheap books! I honestly do use this site all of the time to buy new books, in fact, I placed an order with them just the other week…. you may have seen my IG unboxing of it!

Unfortunately, this site is UK & NI only, so it’s not accessible for everyone, but hey, if you’re a bookworm in the UK here’s another site to fuel your bookish addiction! 😛

14 Replies to “Where to buy brand new books for £2!”

  1. Nooooo!!! I’m going to have to visit it and probably buy even more books I don’t have time to read 😂

    Seriously though, I am always on the hunt for bargain books so thank you for the rec. My usual haunt is WH Smith’s clearance section. I have had so many incredible bargains in there. Most recently I bought a brand new hardback edition of A Gentleman in Moscow for £2 and it is so pretty.

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  2. I LOVE The Works! I pass it on my way to work and I just can’t resist a browse! I think their front door has some kind of powerful suction thing going on, cos I just can’t walk by it! 😮😂 Great post Zuky, as always! 😉

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  3. I love The Works. Also if you have a loyalty card you get money off throughout the year. Not sure if you can use it online, I’ve only used it in store

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