Historical fiction I want to read

Historical fiction I want to read (1)

Hello bookish friends! Today I wanted to showcase a few historical fiction novels that are on my horizon.

I really love reading historical fiction – I love the jump back in time and reading about how different people were and the different ways in which everyone acted. It’s fascinating. It feels like you’re learning something without being put to sleep! (Unless it’s a bad book of course…)

Keep reading to discover some fantastic sounding historical fiction novels with me! Goodreads links are in the pictures.

Image result for the ashes of london book cover

The Ashes of London by Andrew Taylor

This was a compulsive purchase book when I went to Sainsbury’s. The beautiful cover art was what initially caught my attention, and then I was excited to read it was a murder-thriller-mystery based during and around The Great Fire of London. Sounds pretty unique!


All Things Bright and Strange by James Markert

I’ve had this novel in my thoughts for a while now. I received it from Netgalley ages ago but I’m finding it really hard to read on a screen at the moment, I much prefer having the actual book, so this has been pre-ordered and I should be getting it at the end of the month!

It’s classified as “Christian Fiction” on Goodreads and I don’t actual think I’ve ever read any of this genre before, so that will be interesting! Especially as a non-religious person. Although some of the reviews for this claim it mediocre, I think it sounds quite dark and mysterious!


Image result for the silent companions book cover

The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell

I really should have read this one already, as I purchased this novel back in September. I feel like I’ve seen this book on everyone’s blogs – I need to get my butt in gear!! It’s got such amazing reviews.

I get The Miniaturist vibes from the synopsis, but I know this one is going to be spooky in comparison. Plus I just love the cover!


Image result for the vanishing book cover

The Vanishing by Sophia Tobin

I feel like lots of the historical fiction novels I read run on the same kind of story – women in new house, romance with man of the house, strange things happening – but hey, so many mysteries follow similar plots so I don’t mind!

This book is a little lesser known that the others and I think if you liked The Silent Companions, you may be interested in this one too? Although, I can’t say for sure as I haven’t read either!


Image result for perfume book cover

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind

I feel like this is one of those books “you should read in your lifetime” just because it’s so famous (infamous?). I know this book isn’t like the others where it’s going to thrilling or spooky. I’ve seen lots of reviewers say it’s very slow but I don’t always mind that, especially not from historical fiction.

The lovely Janel @ Keeper of Pages sent me her copy of this novel, so I’m going to find time for it in my TBR soon!


Image result for the luminaries book cover

The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton

I actually started reading this book last year but then I misplaced it and by the time I found it again I couldn’t remember what had happened before, so I put it down. Since then, I’ve re-lost the book so I just bought myself a secondhand copy off AbeBooks.co.uk.

I remember really enjoying this, from what I read of it (about 400 pages). It’s a big ol’ book but when it’s good, it doesn’t feel so cumbersome. I love a good historical mystery (could you tell?) and this one is so intricately woven, I’m looking forward to actually getting to the end of it!


Image result for all things bright and strange markert  book cover

What Blooms from Dust by James Markert

It doesn’t actually say anywhere on here that it is a historical fiction novel, but it’s categorised that on Goodreads. This is another Markert novel on the list and it’s a bit of a risk saying I want to read two of his books when I dont’t even know if I like his writing style! This novel, however, isn’t in paperback until December, so it’s been pre-orderd. If I change my mind before then I can always cancel the sale… although I can’t really see that happening!

I like how unique this one sounds in comparison to the rest on the list. It seems like it could be equal parts thought-provoking and mysterious.

So there we have it! Those are a selection of historical novels that I’m really interested in reading!

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them? And if you haven’t, have I introduced you to a new book you like the sound of?

23 Replies to “Historical fiction I want to read”

  1. I liked All Things Bright and Strange! It has a very Christian tone though, I don’t know if that will bother you or not… and The Luminaires was awesome! It reads fast despite its size!

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  2. I adore historical fiction, I’ve always find the best books I read are in that genre. My favourite from last year was Hannah Kent’s The Good People. I’ve always wanted to read Perfume, and I’ve been putting off watching the movie because I haven’t read the book :”) The Luminaries was one of the books that had a lot of hype and I was interested to read, but because of the large size I never picked it up, and after a while it lost its hype and I sort of forgot about it until now. Maybe I’ll pick them up this year and we can talk about them together! πŸ˜€

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  3. OMG Zuky!!! Have you seen the movie for The Perfume? My sister and I watched it YEEAAARRSSS ago and we still remember it vividly. Actually, I should ask her if she wants to re-watch it with me sometime haha

    The Vanishing Point I’ve never heard of, but that cover is so pretty! Going to add it to my TBR… haha

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