Hardback vs Paperback book covers, take 3

Paperback vs Hardback book covers v4 (1)

I love comparing book covers and so I thought I would do this blog post again with some new books. If you missed my first one, you can find it here and if you missed my second one, it’s here!

I wish covers didn’t have to change all the time! Most of the time they’re always bad cover changes too.

Just to be super irritating, hardbacks are on the left this time, and paperbacks are on the right…

I actually really love both of these covers! The hardback is so simple and I know that in real life it has metallic gold on it which makes it really beautiful, and then the colours on the paperback really pop! It’s a touch choice but I actually think I prefer the more colourful cover!

Winner: paperback


This is a novel I’m yet to read, but I’m not really a huge fan of either of these covers. I do definitely prefer the hardback cover as I feel like looks more slick and I like the thread and needle detail. I think the paperback one looks a grubby and the needle feels random.

Winner: hardback


I actually really love both of the covers for this novel! I like how the hardback is satisfyingly symmetrical and crisp, but I also love the pop of colours on the paperback. It’s a hard decision with these cover changes, but I think the winner is…

Winner: paperback


I tried to read this book at some point last year but I couldn’t get into it. I’m hoping to pick it up again soon because I really had such high hopes for it… anyway! Is it really a competition as to which cover is better? THE HARDBACK IS HOLOGRAPHIC.

Winner: hardback


I was surprised when I saw that there was actually a different cover for the hardback of this novel as I’d never seen it before! I have the paperback personally, and I do like the pop of neon green in contrast to the black, but now I’ve seen the hardback, I think I prefered it’s subdued colours.

Winner: hardback

So there you have it! Those are my opinions on these few books with cover changes I’ve found! It appears that I’m more partial to a hardback cover this time around… I wonder if that’s because they usually come out first, so designers put more effort into it?

Anyway, I’d love to hear what you think about the covers! Do you agree with my choices? Also, do you like these posts? Should I keep this “series” going?

16 Replies to “Hardback vs Paperback book covers, take 3”

  1. I agree with most of your choices. I like the Wolf in White Van hardcover better though. And Sweet Little Lies is an absolute toss up. They’re both wonderful in different ways. If I absolutely had to pick one, I’d probably go paperback on that one… Great post!

    Would you mind if I did a similar post and linked you as the inspiration?

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  2. Yes continue the series matey! That’s a direct order! Arrrr! (I love these kinds of posts and am too lazy to do such things. And I love yer commentary on the whys of yer choices. Especially when I don’t agree – wolf in white van in this batch!)
    x The Captain

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