My 2018 goals (bookish and non-bookish)

My 2018 Goals

2018 is just around the corner, can you believe how quickly this year has gone? Today I wanted to share with you some of my goals for the coming year!

These are both bookish and non-bookish goals but I’ll separate them into sections in case you’re only interested in the book ones!

Bookish goals

Goal 1: Read 55 books in 2018

goal 2018

So you may be thinking, wow, Zuky, you’re going from a goal of 90 books down to 55? Yes, it may seem extreme, but I haven’t reach my goal of 90 books this year! Ever since starting my new role, I’ve had so little time for reading (as I don’t commute for an hour each day!) and I’m spending more of my lunch breaks with colleagues etc. I still read when I get home but I can’t get nearly half as much reading done as I used to. I’m now finding that I’m reading about 1 book a week. I think 55 is a reasonable goal for me in the coming year!


Goal 2: Read more books out of my comfort zone

I’ve read a ton of really mediocre books this year and it’s bummed me out. I want to start reading different kinds of books that I may find myself loving more than the repetitive mysteries I keep spending time on… and that kind of leads me on to my next goal…


Goal 3: Read more of my own books

I hate to say it, but most of the throwaway thrillers and mediocre mysteries I’ve read this year have come from Netgalley. I want to spend more of my time reading the books I’ve actually made the effort to purchase! Books that have hundreds of reviews already so I know they’re going to be good (at least for the most part!)


Goal 4: Read more of my Netgalley backlog


OK, so this kind of goes against my last point, but I really need to knuckle down and read some of the backlog I have on NG! I have about 50 books on there that have been published already or are very close to being published and I just still haven’t read them. At least these ones will have more reviews so I can prepare myself for good or bad reads!


Goal 5: Get more people involved in The BookBum Club

I recently started a Book Club and while I’ve had such a huge and positive response by fellow bloggers, of course I’d love to have more people involved! Thank you so much to all the OG’s who have been with me from the start!

(if you’re not part of the Goodreads group, please join here!)


Goal 6: Reach 1k followers

1k fol

OK, so this is more of a blog goal, but I would love to reach 1k followers within the next year. I know I’m already reasonably close but I think it’s a good goal to have as it’s probably more achievable than hoping for 1.5-2k.

Non-bookish goals

Goal 1: Lose 2 stone by July

I’m by no means “fat”, I am fully aware of that, but ever since starting a desk job 2 and a half years ago I’ve put on soooo much weight! I’d really like to lose a dress size, just to feel happier in myself!

I’ve also got back issues at the moment and I think shifting a bit of weight might help those problems out too.

I’m aiming for July as we have a 2 week big family holiday that month and I’d love to be confident enough to wear a bikini again!

Goal 2: Go to the gym more and do yoga at home

I don’t want to just rely on a diet to lose weight, I want to start going to the gym more often. I’m a very unfit person, I always have been. I have very weak ankles, a bad back and a bad knee which really make running, cycling etc a struggle, but even weight work will help me tone up a bit!

I’d also like to start doing yoga at home, before bed or at the weekends, just to give me something else to do to help strengthen my core.

Goal 3: Save more money

money emjis

Even though I live at home, I still have quite a few outgoings every month (rent, car, phone) and I am saving the max amount I’m allowed to in my Help to Buy ISA, but I’d still like to be saving more! Me & Matt really want to move into our own place over the next year, year and a half, so saving my pennies is an essential!

There we have it ladies & gents! Those are my goals for 2018. I think they’re all attainable and I hope I can achieve each and every one, even if some are out of my control.

I’d love to hear what goals you’ve set yourself for the coming year!

🎄🎄 Also, have a wonderful Christmas everyone! Enjoy your day tomorrow and have a fantastic boxing day, whatever you’re doing! I have a super busy couple of days coming up, so I won’t be online for a while (I have blogs scheduled though!) but I’ll respond to any comments whenever I get the chance! 🎄🎄

23 Replies to “My 2018 goals (bookish and non-bookish)”

  1. One of my goals is to read as many of my own physical TBR as possible instead of buying new books all the time. I have WAY too many books in my room right now! 🙂 Best of luck achieving all of your goals, and happy holidays! ❤

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  2. I think my goals will be pretty similar for the coming year. I definitely need to get my NetGalley backlog down (I think I have about 30 some of which have been there for 3 yrs 😶). I’d also like to make more of an effort to read older books and more classics rather than constantly racing ARC deadlines.

    It would also be good to get a bit fitter. I’ve been using various injuries as excuses. I have been banned by my physio from yoga so maybe Pilates.

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    1. Yeah I need to stop with all the ARC’s but it’s hard when you get sent them, I won’t request any anymore though, definitely want to read some of my own older books!
      Ah that’s a shame about yoga, although I would like to do Pilates too

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  3. Great goals for the new year. 😀 Best of luck to you with all of them!
    Some of my reading-related goals for 2018 involve reading more poetry books since I haven’t actually read that many, and finally reading some of the books that have been sitting untouched on my shelves for far too long. 🙂

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  4. So many great goals there Zuky. I already know your blog is going to continue to do well, and I completely understand where you’re coming from in regards to reducing your reading goal. I drive to work and often get distracted at lunch by friends and colleagues so its almost impossible to read anything some days. However as long as you continue to enjoy reading, you will find time where you can. TIP – I have downloaded my library book app recently and even listen to some books at them gym.!!
    In regards to personal goals, Good luck. I know weight and saving is always a struggle for all of us, but its possible and you will be proud when you reach them!

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    1. There’s just not enough time in the day to read! I’m an early sleeper too, so most of my evenings go to sleeping, not to reading haha!
      I used to read my kindle at the gym, I’ll probably start that up again 🙂
      Thanks Ali! Hope you’ve had a lovely 2018 so far ❤

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