Friday Finds | 8th December


These Friday Finds posts are few and far-between at the moment, sorry about that! But I’m really trying not to add too many more books to my TBR when that list is already so bloody long!

But anyway, let’s get on to the books I’ve found and added to my TBR shelf this past few weeks.

long borrder


Synopsis: Half-Korean, half-Japanese, Masaji Ishikawa has spent his whole life feeling like a man without a country. This feeling only deepened when his family moved from Japan to North Korea when Ishikawa was just thirteen years old, and unwittingly became members of the lowest social caste. His father, himself a Korean national, was lured to the new Communist country by promises of abundant work, education for his children, and a higher station in society. But the reality of their new life was far from utopian.

short borrder

This was a Kindle First book for this month and it really got my interest. North Korea is a big question mark in my knowledge and I’d love to be able to learn more about how it works and what happens there. This non-fic book seems like a good place to start!

long borrder

Synopsis: Meet Holly.

Social media sensation. The face of clean eating.

Everyone loves her. Everyone wants to be her.

Or do they?

When Holly is attacked by a man she’s only just met, her life starts to spiral out of control.

Was she targeted because of her online wellness empire, or is there a darker reason behind the attack? He seemed to know her – but she doesn’t know him.

Or does she?

What if Holly isn’t who she seems to be? What if Holly’s living a lie?

But surely we all lie a bit online, don’t we . . .?

short borrder

I was lucky enough to win an e-copy of this from Reader’s First this week! Yipee! I read the first chapter and really liked how quickly it got into the action, even though I did think it was a little unrealistic. At least I know this from the get-go so I can set my expectations of the story from there.

long borrder


Synopsis: Boston, 1870. Photographer Edward Moody runs a booming business capturing the images of the spirits of the departed in his portraits. He lures grieving widows and mourning mothers into his studio with promises of catching the ghosts of their deceased loved ones with his camera. Despite the whispers around town that Moody is a fraud of the basest kind, no one has been able to expose him, and word of his gift has spread, earning him money, fame, and a growing list of illustrious clients.

One day, while developing the negative from a sitting to capture the spirit of the young son of an abolitionist senator, Moody is shocked to see a different spectral figure develop before his eyes. Instead of the staged image of the boy he was expecting, the camera has seemingly captured the spirit of a beautiful young woman. Is it possible that the spirit photographer caught a real ghost? When Moody recognizes the woman in the photograph as the daughter of an escaped slave he knew long ago, he is compelled to travel from Boston to the Louisiana bayous to resolve their unfinished business—and perhaps save his soul. But more than one person is out to stop him . . .

short borrder

I’m sure you all know by now that I love a historical mystery novel so when I found this one I got very excited! This sounds fantastic and totally up my street, plus I love the cover art.

long borrder

So there you have it, those are the books I’ve added to my TBR this past few weeks!

Let me know what books you’ve discovered recently!

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