The BookBum Club: December Theme

The BookBum Club Banner - December theme

Hi everyone, I’m here again with December’s theme for my book club. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, it is still November, but I’ve decided to do theme reveals a week before the beginning of the next month to give everyone some time to choose a book etc, and then I’ll put up a reminder post on the 1st.

Thank you all so much for joining me in this book club last month, it was lovely to see all the supportive and positive comments! I’m going to give it a couple of days after the end of November before I post the master post of everyone’s reviews, so anyone who finished their book at the end of the month has time to review it! Please be sure to link back to me on your reviews so I can read them and link them!

Now onto the exciting part… December’s theme!




This theme relates to any book set in a cold, winter, or Christmas setting!



I’ve had this book since last Christmas, so now is the perfect time to read it! It’s a collection of 4 short stories, the main one being based on Christmas Eve. I can’t say for certain if these are all Christmas based stories, but looking at the contents, 2 of the stories have Christmassy words in them!

This is a short lil book at only 144 pages, but since I’ve been in a reading slump, I think it’ll be good to give myself a small target for the month!


I hope you all like the theme for December! What will you be reading?

Don’t forget, you can find The BookBum Community on Goodreads too!Β You can join it here.Β I will be posting all this over on the GR threads too.

28 Replies to “The BookBum Club: December Theme”

  1. Since you don’t want The Death House back, that counts as a gifted book so I’ve a participated this month, right! Haha, I hope to squeeze in The Girls but my review copies seem to be multiplying even when I’m currently not accepting review requests lol! But December’s theme I love, any excuse to read Scandinavian crime fiction is fine with me!

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