Hardback vs Paperback book covers, take 2

Paperback vs Hardback book covers v3

I love comparing book covers and so I thought I would do this blog post again with some new books. If you missed my first one, you can find it here!

I find it a lot easier to compare hardback and paperback book covers because Amazon make t so easy to find the differences lol.

Just to be super irritating, hardbacks are on the left this time, and paperbacks are on the right…


Lets start off with a small book cover change. I like it when covers don’t change too much, just simple colour swaps. For this dark non-fiction novel, I think the black background really works with the evil red fork thing. The white makes the book look more like a cookbook than a story of abuse!

Winner: hardback


I actually really like both of the covers for this book. I’ve just recently purchased it in its paperback form but I think I prefer the hardback one a tad more. It just feels more atmosopheric than the other and I like the dulled colours on it more.

Winner: hardback


Now this one is tricky because I think both covers aren’t particularly appealing. I don’t like the colours of the hardback but I like the design on it, whereas I really love the purple colour of the paperback but I think the little woman running away on it is cliche and tacky. Hmm…

Winner: hardback


I personally think it’s a no brainer with this one. The paperback pink cover just seems so cliche for a thriller! I like how the hardback has a bit of uniqueness to it.

Winner: hardback


I really liked the original cover for this one – it was a swimming pool and the words were half drowning in the water, I thought it looked very cool, so I’m actually quite disappointed with these two covers! I’m definitely a bigger fan of the paperback cover though, the colours of the hardback give me a headache and the drowning girl is so overused!

Winner: paperback


So there you have it! These are my opinions on some of the hardback vs paperback covers I’ve found. I’d love to hear what you think about the covers! Do you agree with my choices?

12 Replies to “Hardback vs Paperback book covers, take 2”

  1. I don’t like the Quick Sand hardback cover. You can’t show someone drowning in water if the title is QUICK SAND.

    Also, my biggest problem with the Wolf at the Table wasn’t the color change, but that they moved the fork away from center. It was so perfect at the center of the cover. Oh well.

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