Quick book club reminder!

The BookBum Club (1)

Hello everyone, I just wanted to put out a quick reminder out there that November has started and so has The BookBum Club, my new themed Book Club!

long borrder

November’s Theme is:


It’s my birthday this month (in a few days time!!) so I wanted to revolve the theme around that.

This theme is open to any kind of book you’ve received from another person, not including the publishers! If you happened to receive the book on your birthday, that’s a bonus!

I’ll be reading:

I’m Travelling Alone by Samuel Bjork


Matt bought me this book sometime last year, and then dad gifted me the second in the series, so it’s really about time I got round to reading it!

long borrder

Please join in if you’re interested!!

I have a Goodreads Group you can join to keep up with everyone and what they’re all reading for each month. Come and introduce yourself, let us know what book you’ll be reading and  post your review whenever you finish your book!

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