I’m starting a Book Club!

The BookBum Club (1)

After seeing Jenna @ Bookmark Your Thoughts is part of a book club with her friends where they read to themes, rather than specific books, I wanted to find a book club just like that that I could join. There are loads online but the themes for each month aren’t really things I can connect with and find books for, so I’m being selfish and I’m going to start my own book club.

This is basically a task I’m setting myself to knock off some of my unread books and actually stick to some sort of TBR for the month! But, I’m calling it a book club because that’s more fun!

I’m not expecting any of you to jump on board with this but please feel free to join me if you want to try to knock off some of your TBR but still have the freedom to choose your own book! I’d love to be able to create a big BookBum Book Club (name is debatable lol) post at the end of each month to showcase various people’s reviews for the theme! I would also love any suggestions you have for themes!

The first month of this book club is going to be November!

long borrder

The theme for November is:

Happy birthday!

It’s my birthday in November, I’m turning 21!

This theme is open to any kind of book you’ve received from another person, not including the publishers! If you happened to receive the book on your birthday, that’s a bonus!

What I’ll be reading:

Matt bought me this book sometime last year, and then dad gifted me the second in the series, so it’s really about time I got round to reading it!

long borrder

I’d love to know what you think about my theme focused book club! And again, any theme ideas would be great! I will probably compile a big list of all the themes I’ve come up with so far on a master page for this book club.

Also, if anyone wants to join in, I’ll welcome you with open arms! I’ve also made a Goodreads page for this Book Club! You can join it here.

46 Replies to “I’m starting a Book Club!”

  1. I frickin’ love this!!! You know I’m a book club addict!! 😂 I’m going to read The Girls by Emma Cline, after featuring it in my highly anticipated books I forgot to read post, it’s the perfect excuse to finally read it. And my mum will see I have finally read both the books she bought me 😂

    And for themes ideas: “Thank you” – a book you bought based on a specific review you read. “Never seen it before” – a book you own but haven’t seen reviewed on a blog. You could also do themes like “one word” – where the title has to be one word or you look at the book cover and think one word eg. “Pretty”. You could also do “No Book Gets Left Behind!” – a book you’ve owned for years.
    – Can you tell I’m excited for this 😂😂 open themes are brilliant! Consider me an official book club member!!

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    1. Ah yay Janel!! So glad to have you on board haha 🙂
      Great theme ideas!! I had thought of the “one word” one. I have a big list of theme ideas at the moment, enough for like 1 and half years so far! I will be adding your ones to that list haha 😛 Thank you!!

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  2. Yeay!! I’m glad you liked the book club idea that my friends and I do!! And thank you for the invite to the club! I’m super excited to be apart of TWO!! I posted what I’m reading in the Goodreads post already 🙂 ❤

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  3. I think I might join you I have a couple of books that were gifted to me just not for my birthday. I love the idea of this book club. I’ve always wanted to be part of a book club but most of the time they pick books I don’t have and I can’t afford to go out and buy every month.

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