My Netgalley TBR

Netgalley TBR

Today I wanted to show you guys what I have on my Netgalley shelf, just because I’m being super lazy with ideas at the moment and this seems like a simple solution to fill in a gap!

Don’t judge me for this post guys. I know my Netgalley TBR is a mess, a real, huge mess (not to mention that is just UNDER HALF of the books on my shelf).

All the pictures on this blog will lead you back to the Netgalley pages. I don’t know if they’re still able to request or not, but they might be!

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Quick synopsis: Man in prison for murder of a young girl. People think he’s wrongfully accused. Woman falls in love with him and they get married. He gets released. Women begins to get worried that he may not be as innocent as he first seemed.

I have actually started this book. I’m reading it on my Kindle here and there when I have a couple of minutes free, but I’m not dedicated to it just yet. Over the past 4 days, I’ve got to page 29! But I have plenty of time to read it. I really like the plot for this one which is why I glazed over my poor NG percentage and requested this one.

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Quick synopsis: Man, JP, breaks in and attacks a disgraced banker, Harry, while his wife, Julie, watches on. JP hands himself in but claims it wasn’t premeditated murder. Police are suspicious. Is it really random or is it linked to Harry’s sins? Who is really guilty?

I saw an ARC for this on Twitter and actually requested it directly from the publisher in physical format, but they didn’t have any left. I saw this one on NG but it was “wish” only, I thought I’d take my chances. Luckily, my wish got granted and here it is, sat on my shelf, waiting to be read! It sounds similar to quite a few books out at the moment but I’m very intrigued by it!

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Quick synopsis: Blizzard. A visit from the Devil. “Devil’s Day” becomes a tradition, but it means something more than that to the villagers. Something more sinister.

This one has pretty appalling reviews, but so did Hurley’s last book, The Loney, and I half enjoyed that one, so I thought I’d give this one a go. I really just can’t resist the pull of a horror novel!

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Quick synopsis: A tragedy at a party. The same day will repeat and repeat until Aiden can solve Evelyn Hardcastle’s murder. But each day he wakes up in the body of another guest. And someone doesn’t want him ever knowing what really happened.

I am so pumped for this book! This is the best sounding murder mystery EVER. I love the old school Agatha Christie vibes mixed with Groundhog Day. I can’t wait to read this one. It better be just as good as it sounds!

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Quick synopsis: A body in a suitcase. A link to another body. A serial killer. Erika is attacked but nothing can stop her. A colleagues daughters are taken. Can Erika save the children before it’s too late? A disturbing discovery… there’s more than one killer.

Wow, can you believe the Erika Foster series has 5 books now!? Although the last book in the series was my least favourite one of the bunch, I’m still eager to continue with the books and so need to get my arse round to reading this one!

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Quick synopsis: A look into the history of witchcraft and why it’s always been so feared.

I always say I love books about witches, and non fiction ones are no exception! I’d love to learn more about the famous Salem Witch Trials amongst other witch hunts across the globe. This book seems like the place to go for that.

I haven’t even started this one yet, bad, I know!

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Quick synopsis: Earl has left his late fathers church, The Church of the Holy Flame, a church built on fear. But then a photo arrives that appears to show his father is actually alive. Earl returns to the church in search of the truth. Followers insist Earl’s father has risen to a holy place in the mountains. Teenage girls are going missing and returning with strange marks. Earl has to dig up buried secrets to discover the truth.

I was intrigued by this one because of the cult like quality to The Church of the Holy Flame. I love reading about cults and the like so this sounded like a great choice for me. Although there are elements of the synopsis that make the book sound like it’s going to be cliche, I still think it’s going to be worth a read!

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Quick synopsis: Two sisters vanish, only Emma comes back. Everyone assumes Emma’s sister is dead, but Emma knows it’s not as simple as that.

The real synopsis for this one is about as vague as the one I just gave, so I’m very interested to read this one. I’ve seen lots of good reviews for it from reviewers I trust, and lots of people have mentioned previously loving Walker’s books too so it’s all sounding very positive!

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Quick synopsis: The Breakstone family is perfect. Daughter Heather is rich and beautiful. Everyone loves her. As she grows she begins to attract more and more dark interest. The families perfect existence begins to fall apart.

This one has baaddd reviews. It didn’t when I requested it, obviously, because I requested it the day I saw it come out on NG so no one had had the chance to read it. I will still make the time to get to this book but it’s not priority. Maybe I’ll set aside an evening to read this one, as it’s only 144 pages.

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Quick synopsis: Small town find mysterious but lovely chapel. Evil can come in the most beautiful of forms. Ellsworth Newberry is on the brink of suicide until he begins to notice the changes in town. Since finding the chapel, healing falls upon the town. The ‘healing floor’ turns people against one another. Ellsworth must lead the town to confront the evil that is taking over.

I wished for this one on Netgalley because it sounds amazing. It’s historical literary horror fiction!!! Sounds beautiful!!!

I’ve come to realise, however, that I have an immensely hard time appreciating these books in ebook format so have actually pre-ordered this one!

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Quick synopsis: There is a place with no sun, no God. Four families remain. Each has done something to bring them there. Their worst mistake, their biggest fear is coming for them.

I saw lots of reviews for this, in the beginning, which were pretty terrible, but the Netgalley reviews are pretty positive! I’m really looking forward to this one, I hope it’s been done well. I know that Let the Right One In (written by this author) is meant to be really good (the original film was!!) so lets hope this one is just as good!

No I haven’t started this one yet even though it was published last month! Whoops!

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Quick synopsis:  Exploration of the infamous police killing of Eric Garner.

This is going to be a really harrowing non-fic about Eric Garner’s murder and other police brutality. I like that from a non-fic though, something that can open my eyes, shock and educate me.

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Quick synopsis: The Chalk Man creates a game with 12 year old Eddie; drawings that leave secret messages. But soon those messages lead to a young girls dead body. Fast-forward 30 years, Eddie thinks the game is behind him, but then he receives a letter with a piece of chalk and a drawing. History begins to repeat itself.

This book has got a pretty large amount of great reviews for a novel that’s not being released until next year! To begin with I thought this could be a little cliche but now seeing all the fantastic reviews, I’m really excited to get round to reading it!

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That’s all for my NG TBR shelf! Well, actually, this is only a small collection of the books I still have to read… But these are ones I want to read soon!

Are any of these books on your TBR’s? What books do you have on Netgalley that you need to read soon?


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